10 DIY Happy Anniversary Ideas that Husband can do

Anniversary means same date of the year when you and your partner start this sweet journey together. So you should make a proper plan to celebrate this special day. It will be so romantic if husband will make a special plan for her wife or a surprise for to celebrate their anniversary. Because his life partner holds his hand came to his by lifting his own home. She left her home, parents, friends and bond with him in a new relation. She always takes care of him, his home and his parents more than herself. So now it is the responsibility of husband to make her wife happy. He can celebrate their anniversary with different DIY Happy Anniversary Ideas.

Great DIY Happy Anniversary Ideas


You can make a cake for your partner if you know cooking. If you don’t know how to cook then you can order from outside. But in today’s time we have internet so you can see videos from net and can make a special cake for you honey. It can happen that it would have less taste as comparison to perfect cake. But your wife would prefer this and for her it will be the most tasty cake entire the world.

Cook a food for her

It is very romantic idea from DIY Happy Anniversary Ideas You can also cook a food for her. In routine life she daily cook for you. So let you cook today. Let make her feel special and proud that you are her husband who really care for her.  You can cook breakfast it will be more romantic if you serve her in bedroom with lot of love. You can also give red rose to her in morning.

Write a letter        

No doubt it is an old idea but it is the best idea to share feelings. So you can write a letter to her and can share your feelings. You can also make her praise or can say thanks for holding your hand and for being your partner. You can tell her about her special qualities. If some time by mistake you hurt her in any way you can sorry I am very sure that she will apologies you from her heart.through this DIY Happy Anniversary Ideas you can share your feelings.

Decorate room

Decorating the room for her in a special way is for her is very romantic idea. You can decorate as she likes more. There can be flowers decoration or candle decoration. She feel just as luckiest girl in the world when she would come to know that how much efforts you have put to make her happy.

Make CD

You can also make a CD for your sweet heart by collecting her old images with you. You can select a special song that you want to dedicate to her and can play as back music. You can also photos of your marriage time.

Make a gift

If you are going to give her handmade gift, than it will be the precious gift for her. You can’t imagine about her feeling that she should be having when she get this gift. You can make bracelet for her, or a scarf, or a pillow etc.

Make a photo shoot

You can make personal photo shoot of both of you.  You can also hire a professional photographer to make a perfect photo shoot. You can make photo shoot  at the places which have special meaning to both of you as where you met first time, where did you kiss first time or may go to church where you got married and started your this sweet journey.

Art paint

If you know painting you can make special painting for her. By making special scenery or by drawing her picture. You can make special drawing which is having some kind of meaning.

Flower bouquet

You can make a flower bouquet for her by collecting flowers from garden. You can make a bouquet of her favorite flowers or there can be combination of flowers of you both choices. There can also be a bouquet of red rose flowers it will be more romantic.

Photo album

You can also make new photo album by collecting photos of both of gold and old moment. You can collect photos of your wedding or your honeymoon. There can also be photos when you both went for a trip together or with your family.