10 Happy Anniversary Decor Ideas to Surprise your Lovely Wife

Wedding anniversary is one among most significant occasions for any couple. It is a day to show love towards life partner. This is the day when beautiful relationship of marriage was bound between two lovers. It is time to show how how much you love and care your soul mate. Each wedding anniversary  celebrates one more year of togetherness. There are various happy anniversary decor ideas to surprise your beloved on this special occasion. Make this day a memorable event for your beloved.

Wedding anniversaries are celebrated in numerous ways. To throw a wedding anniversary party is most common method to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Wedding anniversary is a day to say thanks to your partner for accompanying you in sweet and sour times of life. Journey of life is not easy without a life partner. Good marriages become stronger with passing time. So it is time to celebrate this day with lots of surprises. Special decorations are also a way to express your love. Decorate the house in a pleasing way and surprise your better half with gifts and a party.

Wonderful Happy Anniversary Decor Ideas to Surprise your Beloved

Balloons Galore

Balloons are part of every party decor including Happy Anniversary Decor. It is a good idea to surprise your wife with Balloon galore. Take helium balloons and tie them with ribbons. Tie a love note to the end of the ribbon. Hang them on the ceiling of the house and let your wife wake up with a surprise.

Love Imprinted Balloons

One among amazing wedding anniversary decor ideas. You can decorate the whole house with love imprinted balloons. Balloons can be used at any place. You can also use transparent balloons and fill them with confetti. Decorate walls, balcony and tables of house with these balloons. These look amazing.

Love Buntings

Buntings are an easy way to decorate house and to express love. If you are artistic then create your own paper buntings showing love. It is easy to make buntings of various shapes and designs. You can also purchase special ‘I love you’ bunting for your wife.

Garlands Showing Love

You can also make special garlands to show love to your wife. Make garlands of your photographs with your wife. You can also create a garland with tissue paper flowers or simply use letter stickers to create ‘I love you’ garland.

Glitter Candles

Decorate the house with glitter candles. Personalize simple candles with glitter. Make a design and spread the glue on that design. Sprinkle glitter over the design. Arrange these candles in the shape of heart in the main table or any free space.


Flowers especially roses are used to express love from long. Use flowers to decorate the house in a beautiful way. Flowers vases can be hung on the walls or placed on table to decorate the house.

Vellum Shields

Lighting is one among easiest and least expensive happy anniversary decors. It is easy to create vellum shields of your own. Place candles in a glass holder and Sandwich vellum paper outside candles and use chopsticks to hold paper in place.

Shaded String lights

It is one most beautiful among happy anniversary decor ideas. Cover bulbs in shades made from chartreuse and turquoise vellum and decorate the ceiling of roof with them. Light the table with pillar candles and water fills. This whole scenario looks amazing.

Photo Centerpiece

It is one among most amazing Happy Anniversary decor ideas for an anniversary party. The photo of the couple should shine with photo frame lanterns. Set a candle inside a three hinges photo frame.


Decorate the home with streamers to amaze your wife. It is one of cheapest and easiest Happy anniversary decor ideas. Use streamers to decorate walls, ceilings and balcony of the house. You can also attach a balloon to one end of the streamer.