10Last minute DIY Anniversary Party Celebration Ideas

As we know  that in today’s time we all have busy schedule. Some time we don’t get time for our self also. So some time it happen that we forget about the important days as birthday or anniversary. Some time these days are related to our very close ones. Some time it happen at the moment we come to know that o yup today is his anniversary so it’s the time when we have to organize the party at the moment. So on that time we have to think about many Anniversary Party celebration Ideas. So then we have to select one idea from that ideas that make our party rocking and should be easy to apply.

So we are here with so many Anniversary Party Celebration Ideas.

  1. Guest List : First of all make a list guests to whom you are going to invite on party. First of all invite those persons who are very close to that couple and those are at nearby distance who have easy to come and join. Try to invite them before the party start so that let you can take help from them to organize your party. This is the main thing from Anniversary Party Celebration Ideas on which you have to focus.

    Guest List
  2. Set a location: Location  is the important part to celebrate the party. When you are going to organize the party you must know how maby persons are going to join for how many persons you have to organize the function. On the base of the strength of the persons select the location. It can be at home if your home has good  space otherwise it can be at restaurant or club. The event doesn’t have to be held across the street from your house.

  3. Menu: Make the menu for your party. Try to keep the items which are favorite of the couple. Selecting the healthy menu is a main part of the Anniversary Party Celebrations Ideas. Try to cook the food which is easy to cook and serve. If you can afford a chef it is best otherwise cook yourself or give this duty to the person who is expert in cooking. You can make snacks if you are going to celebrate in evening time you can also have dinner. You can arrange drink, coffee, beer according to your choice and budget.

  4. Decoration: without decoration you can’t  imagine the party. Decoration is also main part of the Anniversary Party Celebrations Ideas. As you don’t have a lot of time to decorate so try to decorate in the way as it look attractive and should also be easy to decorate. As you can decorate with ballons, flowers, candles. You may take help of the kids and friends to decorate soon as soon as possible.

  5. Photography : In today’s time photography is the part of the function. So photography is also being important idea from Anniversary Party Celebrations Ideas. You always want to keep these special and lovely moments with you for full life. So that you can remind these moments at any time. So you can click the photos in your own phone and camera. You can also call a professional photographer.

  6. Games: To make the party more interesting  you can keep some games to play. Idea of playing the games is one of the most enjoyable idea from Anniversary Party Celebration Ideas. You can select different kinds of games that can be easy to play for kids and couples. Rules of the games should be easy to understand.

  7. Gift for the couple: when you are going to have a party for the couple it is obviously that couple must expect a special and unique gift from you. Selecting a unique and special gift for the couple is most important idea from the Anniversary Party Celebration   Ideas. You must purchase the gift that should be useful for  the couple as you can give couple watch or couple rings or any jewelry.

  8. Entertainment : Entertainment is the rocking idea from the Anniversary Party  Celebration Ideas. It is a important part that you have to maintain through out the party. Its nice to at least have some soft music going on background. There can also be dance of kids and couples so that let all enjoy the party.

  9. Theme : Theme based party idea from Anniversary Party Celebration Ideas is the idea that make our party different. You can also keep  a theme from favorite song or movie of couple. You can set the theme according to marriage anniversary party as ruby, silver, gold.

  10. Timing: Always keep in mind that timing is very important part of our life. You have to celebrate the function by keeping timing in your mind. It doesn’t get too late. You can serve the food to guest when some are playing games.