Anniversary Decorations Ideas to Surprise your Husband

Anniversary is special occasion for any couple. Wedding anniversary is a date when couple married. This special date is celebrated by almost every couple. It is time to make your soulmate feel special. People celebrate Anniversaries to make memorize the event when their soulmate became a part of their life. Celebrating wedding anniversary is a way to show much you love your partner. It is a way to show that you are really enjoying every moment of togetherness and love. You can leave your spouse wondering with special wedding anniversary decorations ideas.

People celebrate wedding anniversaries in numerous ways. It is a special day to memorize that beautiful event of your life. Most of people throw parties to celebrate this event. Others find unique ways to celebrate this unique day of their life. To throw a wedding anniversary party is one of most beautiful ideas to memorize this event. It is good way to show that you really care for your partner.

Party can be made more special event with unique and beautiful decorations. You can even surprise your spouse with unique anniversary decorations ideas. Parties can be decorated in a lot of ways. Surprising your husband with beautiful decoration in a wedding anniversary party can bring even more excitement in your married life. In busy life we almost forget to tell about our love and feelings and this is a day to show all the love and care. Simple anniversary decoration ideas can do magic. Party should be decorated in a way that it reflects the feeling of love.

Wonderful Anniversary Decorations Ideas for your Husband

Decide an Appropriate Theme for the Party

An appropriate theme is necessary for the party. Themes add fun and excitement in the party. For every anniversary , there are different traditional theme. But you can choose any theme according to your own choice.

Decorate with Flowers

Flowers please everyone. Flowers especially are known to express love. Decorate the house with rose flower petals, flower vases and pots. Place flower pots on tables and free spaces.

Wall Hangings

Wall hangings play an important role in the decorations. Make your own wall hangings saying ‘I love You’. Use handmade wall hangings to express love. Wall hangings can easily be created at home with paper and colors. You can also purchase them from market.


You can create your own garland or buy it from market. Heart shaped garlands put the feel of love. Various flowers can be used to create garlands. Garlands are an inexpensive way to decorate the house and show love and care.


Decorate the house with streamers. You can give streamers a unique shape while decorating. Use streamers to decorate balconies and walls.

Love Candles

Candles are also well known to show love. Make candles more special by doing some art and use candles to decorate the house. Candles can be arranged in shape of heart. Rose petals can be placed inside the heart.

Wedding Photos

You can also display wedding photos on the wall to decorate the house. These photos will make your spouse memorize that special event when you came in his life. Photos are memories. Photos say many things which we are unable to express.


Lights lighten up any celebration. Now lights are becoming important part of any party. Use lights so that your house looks marvelous. Lights come in various shapes and designs and can be used to decorate any event.


Balloons are part of decorations in almost every kind of party. Put confetti on balloons. Special I Love You imprinted balloons can also be used to decorate the party. Red or pink color balloons are good option. Simple balloons can also be arranged to say “I Love You”.

Flower Stands

Flower Stands look attractive and decorate the house beautifully. Flower stands come in various shapes and designs and are easy way to decorate the house. Use Roses decorate the flower stands.