First Anniversary Wishes For Couple – The Special Day

There is nothing more beautiful in the world than the images of two people who love each other deeply. Marriage is Wedlock of two souls. Wedding is very special day in every boy’s and every girl’s life. It’s a birth of a new family and a marriage of two families. Anniversary is always very special and wonderful and people celebrate it with full of joy and memories and express their love and respect towards each other.

First Anniversary Wishes For Couple – The Special Day

Wedding Anniversary is one of those rituals of marriage which is really important to celebrate. If the day of marriage is worth celebrating then it is quite obvious that it is worth to celebrate the day as well. This day is ought to be a memorable day of every couple’s life and even is like shared birthday celebrations.

We decided to wish you life so full of problems that you can strive against,

a lot of difficulties to overcome and satisfaction for years to come.

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.

Happy 1st annivesary my dear love!

Congratulations on your 1st anniversary.

This is a time for celebrating, happiness,

and plenty of joy so smile and know

that you are thought of during this special time.

Through time your bond is strong; It lasts through sun and storm;

You’ll always have your love; To keep each other warm.

Sending you lots of love and happy thoughts during this amazing milestone in your life. A 1st anniversary deserves recognition as it only happens once in a lifetime.

The time stands still to let you celebrate your anniversary forever.

Where there is love there is life. So I can’t imagine a life without your love.

Happy 1st anniversary day, my baby!

Couples are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. May this celebration of your wedding anniversary open new horizons of your successes!

Happy 1st Anniversary Day!

Albert Einstein said that gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.

On our 1st anniversary day I can say that he was right.

I want you to know it was my best year ever and I love you so much.

Happy 1st anniversary day to both of us!

Happy 1st anniversary day! It is a great pleasure to wish you both this great day of your 1st anniversary. May God bless you both and make your relation stronger.

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