Interesting and Exciting Happy Anniversary Games for Adults to Enjoy

Anniversary is a momentous occasion for every couple. It is a day to celebrate one more year of togetherness and love. Throwing an anniversary party to one of most common ways to share happiness with friends and family. Each passing year strengthens the bond of love between two people. There is a traditional name associated with every wedding anniversary. Interesting happy anniversary games for adults can increase the excitement in the party.

There are various happy anniversary games for adults that can be organized to have fun and entertainment. Anniversary games should be organized to suit every age group. Choose interesting games to make anniversary party a memorable event.

Entertaining Happy Anniversary Games for Adults to have Fun

Dumb Charades

It is an entertaining game to include in anniversary party. To play this, divide players into two teams. One of the member from one team is told a movie name which he has to explain to his team members through actions. If his team members make a right guess the team scores a point.

Sing Song Ping Pong

It is an interesting happy anniversary game for adults. Guests are divided into two team. One team sings a song and other team has to start another song having one of the words of the previous song.

Laughing Game

It is an amazing happy anniversary game for adults. In this game, players are made to sit in a circle and each player tries to make other people laugh through jokes, weird voices etc. The player who laughs is out from the game.

Dance Steps

In this game players are made to stand in a circle. Each player makes an easy  dance step which other members have to follow.

Apples to Apples

In this game, the player’s goal is to match the words of his card that pair with the word on the judges card. The judges pick the funniest pairing.

Two Truths and a Lie Game

It is an interesting game to be played in any party. In this game each player tells two truths and one lie. The other players make a guess what is truth and what is a lie. If the player fools other people successfully he is presented a gift. Every player writes about truths and lie before the game starts.

Never Have I Ever

It is an amusing game to include in anniversary part. In this game, one person tells about the thing that he has never done. The player who has done, takes a sip of whatever they are drinking.

Who is it?

Include this game in the anniversary party to have fun. Blind fold a person and make him stand inside a circle. The blind folded person, when touches someone, asks who is it? The person should answer in a weird voice. The player has to guess the right person.

The Continuing Novel

In this game, the players sit in a circle. The first person is given one minute to write a story. Only the last line is shown to the next player. Then he continues the story. The last player reads out the full story. It one of most entertaining happy anniversary games for adults.

Word Evolution

One of the players writes down a word and passes it to next person. Each player has to make a new word by changing or adding one letter of the existing word. Game is continued until a player is unable to create a new word.