Surprising and Romantic Anniversary Ideas for your Husband

Anniversary means that day when you start your this sweet journey. You both bond with each other in beautiful and strong relationship. It is the day that celebrates a past event that occurred on the same date of the year. You must manage time to celebrate this special day of your life.  We should think about different Romantic Anniversary Ideas to celebrate our anniversary.

When it is about new kinds of ideas to celebrate anniversary or about Romantic Anniversary Ideas on that time girls have more ideas than boys. They are so crazy to have romantic anniversary celebration.

Romantic Anniversary Ideas

Dress Up for Him

It can be there that a that your husband gift you a special dress or lingerie. So wear that dress to create a romantic atmosphere. It may happen that he wants to see you in any special dress but your wear that dress because you never get chance. So today it is the best time to fulfill wish of your hubby and to set his mood.

Tell Him What You Feel for Him

Men also love to listen their praise. So this is the right time to make praise. Let him know today that he is the real hero of your life. You can say it through text messages, voice message or face to face. It’s the day let he come to know about your feelings that you feel for him.

Tell him a Secret

Men want to be soul mates, too. Telling him a secret symbolically letting him deeper inside you demonstrates total trust in him and faith in your relationship. Because you are making yourself vulnerable. It’s an incredible bonding experience. Encourage him to tell you a secret or two.

Slow Down Dinner

Way to man’s heart is stomach so let have a romantic dinner with your partner. You can go for candle light dinner. It will be best if you make dinner yourself for your honey. Menu of dinner should be full of his favorite dishes.

Surprising him with your Pregnancy News

it is very sweet idea from Romantic Anniversary Ideas. If you are going to conceive or you got pregnant before some days, keep it secret because this day will be perfect to give a such a good news to your hubby. You can also give good news in a special way as you tie a ribbon to the pregnancy test kit and put it on your bed. Let him see that. It will be the best time of his life.

Special Surprise in his office

Surprise at a work place has to be done a little carefully otherwise he ends up embarrassed in front of his colleagues. You may send flowers at his office. If you are not working than you can take lunch for him. Slip a big chocolate or a candy inside his bag.

Photo Jar

While this gift also includes a jar. The idea is much different from other Romantic Anniversary Ideas.  You will need a mason jar, vegetable oil, your favorite photography of you and your hubby and a dried flower. You should get your photographs printed on real photo paper. Put the photos inside of the mason jar with the pictures facing out.

Photo Album

There is nothing more romantic than reliving your most intimate days together create a photo album with pictures of adventures you have gone on, your favorite pictures of your partner of course pictures from your wedding. This gift is great for preserving memories forever in high quality.

Create a romantic ambiance before he take a bath or shower

It is the most romantic idea from Romantic Anniversary Ideas. Let make a surprise when he go for bath. He feels more relax and his mood will also change. You can spread the flowers in washroom or tub to make his mood romantic.

Create a Music Video for him

You can create a music video with romantic songs for him. You can make the video by using photos of you both by playing back music of romantic songs.  It is one of the romantic idea from Romantic Anniversary Ideas.