Top Amusing Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Wedding is important event of a relationship and wedding anniversaries are celebrated to memorize that important event of life. Time flies when you are with someone you love. To celebrate anniversary is a good idea because it deepens the relationships and makes it sweet. It is time to make some memories.  Here are some Amusing Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas.

Spectacular Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas to Enjoy the Day

Personalized Anniversary

It is one of great wedding anniversary party ideas. It brings two people more closer. Just be together for whole day. Turn off cell phone, don’t check emails and spend some quality time together. Recreate your wedding night menu with your spouse. Work together to choose recipes, go shopping for the ingredients and cook as team. Go to the place where you first met. Have your personal photo shoot. Take photos of you together. If you are little artistry write a poem for your spouse. Don’t forget to order or make a wedding cake and celebrate the small party together. Give gifts according to the choice and year of the anniversary.

A Grand Party

To throw a grand party is one among most prevalent wedding anniversary party ideas. Pick a theme for the party. Send out invitations. Invitations should tell about the significance and theme of the party itself. Include anniversary year in the invitation. Plan food, drinks and entertainment accurately. Decoration and entertainment for anniversary parties is dependent on the personality and comfort levels of the couples celebrating. Decorate the party according to the wedding dresses. Order a wedding anniversary cake. Display your wedding album and include recent photographs as well. Create a game of trivia and offer a fun prize for the winner. Create a video to display the marriage event. Compose a musical throwback for the background.

A Surprise Party

 A surprise party is a good idea to celebrate wedding anniversary. A surprise party could be arranged by children, close friend or the surprise could be given by one of the spouses. Make sure that you are not interfering any private anniversary plans. If you are hosting a surprise party cover your bases. Check if the destination is appropriate for the party. Make appropriate arrangements.

Silver Anniversary Wedding Party

A silver anniversary party is given to celebrate 25 years of togetherness. It comes at a great time in a person’s life. Kids are old enough to enjoy the festival. Start with 25th anniversary invitation that features pictures of couples. It is also a great theme to carry through the rest of the party. Traditional color for silver anniversary is silver so it is a good theme as well. Get a personalized 25th anniversary banner. Add some silver balloons to it. Decorate the tables with white linens. If the event is a hall request or rent white chine with silver trim. Silver paper goods will do nicely. A white arrangement with its silver accents will look beautiful. Select couple’s favorite food to serve. Silver and white wedding cakes are appropriate for a silver wedding celebration. Send your guests home with something special to remember about the couple.

A Golden Celebration

A golden celebration is to celebrate 50 years of togetherness. It is a huge milestone in someone’s life. Set the date and secure a venue. Sent invitations highlighting that it’s a Golden Jubilee. Plan food and drinks, hire a caterer or enjoy home cooking. Pick a theme and assign dishes so everything goes great together. Celebration is not complete without a cake so order one from bakery. Choose a color scheme for the decorations. All white with gold accents is a classical theme for a golden Jubilee, but you can choose theme according to the favorite color of your loved ones. Choose flowers to match the theme of the party. 50th is the gold anniversary. White yellow gold jewelry is most traditional gift to give. Homemade a personalized gifts also mean a lot. Make playlist of the songs that were famous in the year when couple got married. Don’t forget to capture the moment.