10 Delish Birthday Cake Ideas for the Teenage Girls

Birthday is a very special day for everyone. It’s the day when your all close ones come to you and give you best wishes. You get blessed with blessings and wishes of your elders. You enjoy the day and have great fun with your friends and family. You feel like a special one among everyone on this day. You plan your birthday party, decoration ideas, celebrations ideas and Birthday Cake Ideas too. This is your day and everything need to happen according to you, for sure.

Kids and teenagers love to celebrate their birthdays. They feel excited regarding their Birthday celebrations. Birthday holds special value for kids. But as common human nature, girls are more excited for their birthdays, and especially teenage girls. They want to have everything best, from the birthday decorations to the Birthday Cake Ideas, nothing should be less than being the best. They tend to please their friends in every possible way.

Girls, in their teenage, look for the best Birthday Cake Ideas to suit their personality and style. Teenage is a very tender age and mostly girls are excited about it. This is the time when they want to be the best of all in every sense. They love the moment when they cut their birthday cakes. They feel so excited to see their cake that how it is decorated, which flavor is there and what is the size of cake etc. They go through a number of Birthday Cake Ideas and choose the best one for them

We are here with the best possible Birthday Cake Ideas to satisfy the needs, requirements and choice of the little princess out there. The Birthday Cake Ideas that I have got for you are the best and are surely going to be liked by you and your friends. Select the best one for you and see your party getting awesome with the aroma and appearance of your birthday cake.

Birthday Cake Ideas Perfect for the Teenage Girls

  1. Pink Cake

    Pink is the favorite color of every teenage girl, commonly. So, we thought of adding the pink colored cake in our list of suggestions. You can match the theme of the party with the pink color of cake. Let the birthday girl wear a pink dress and decorate the house with pink color used for the maximum decoration.
  2. An Elegant Princess Cake

    Every girl is her parent’s princess. So, the crowning of the princess can be done with the help of the cake too. Order for a princess crown cake and give the birthday girl the feeling of being a princess.
  3. French Themed Girly Girl Cakes

    This Parisian birthday cake for girls add a girly and feminine flair to the birthday parties. Every teenage girl is going to like this kind of cake and feel happy that she has got the best cake to cut.
  4. Cupcakes and Candy Theme

    You can make your birthday cake as much creative as you can. You can even use cupcakes and candies to decorate your birthday cake and give it completely a new and advanced look.
  5. Butterfly Garden Cake

    A little girl is never too younger to host a garden party. Decorate her birthday cake with different flowers and butterflies to give it a beautiful look.
  6. Hello Kitty Cake

    Hello Kitty is always a good friend of everybody. Having it engraved on the birthday cake of a teenage girl is never boring.
  7. Summer Flower Cake

    Celebrating birthday as per the season of birth is quite a nice idea. If your girl is born in the summer season, give her cake delicate and colorful details, like the summer flowers and use a tasty summer friendly flavor.
  8. Winter Babies Peppermint Theme

    Winter birthday is not complete without snowflakes and a little cute snow man. Use the cake colors to reflect traditional candy cane colors like red and white with a little pink added to it.
  9. A Sleeping Beauty Cake

    Sleeping Beauty is every teenage girl’s favorite Disney princess. She won’t give a second to have Sleeping Beauty’s beautiful dress designed on her cake. The color can vary according to the choice.
  10. A Rose- Swirled Smash Cake

    This one is perfectly girlie and perfectly pretty cake for girls. The rose covered cake looks very attractive and all girls are sure to love this cake. The flavor of the cake can depend on your taste.