10 Wonderful Happy Birthday Decoration Ideas for Girls

Birthdays are special for everyone. They are an opportunity for your friends and family to come together and congratulate you. Birthday celebration is a good way to receive blessings from your loved ones. Every kid is so excited for his or her birthday. People throw parties to celebrate birthdays. Birthdays hold a special value for kids. There are several interesting ways to throw a party. Here are some Birthday Decoration ideas for girls.

Sensational Birthday Decoration Ideas for Girls to Celebrate Birthday

Pretty in Pink

Every girl loves pink. Decoration of house with pink is a good idea. Buy pink decors to decorate the house or paint them with pink spray paint. A pink beautiful cake stand is also a good idea. Buy some pink flower bases and decorate them with pink flowers. Buy pink gumballs, pink candies, pink balloons and other decors to decorate the house in Pink.

Fairy Party

If your little girl has passion for fairies, let her spend her birthday imagining that she is a fairy princess. For a fairy party choose colors like pale green, lavender and white. Use twinkle lights at the front door. Hang colored steamers from tree branches. Give every guest fairy wings, tiara and a want as they come to the party or set the dress code. Arrange magical looking flowers everywhere. Spread flowers and sparkle on the middle of the table.

Mermaid Party

Mermaid Party is an interesting party theme. Consider pretty ocean inspired color scheme. Decorate the whole house with ocean colors and mermaid poster and pictures. Set mermaid dress code. Plan activities and games. Arrange cup cakes, cakes and candies for the party.

Rainbow Room

It is also a good theme to celebrate birthday of your little lovely. Decorate the whole house with multiple colors. Decorate the whole house in a rainbow style. Use seven colors to decorate whole home. Rainbow Pinwheels can be used as party favors. Let each guest take a colorful pinwheel. Use balloons, folded paper, streamers to work like rainbow.

Doll Birthday Party

It is a good theme if your little girl likes dolls. You can decorate the whole home with baby dolls, Barbie dolls, paper dolls, dollhouses. Decorate the house with green, yellow and blue. Scatter paper dolls and paper doll clothes across the tabletop.

Buttons and Bows Party

This is a good and unique looking party theme. Use soft colors. Design everything like cakes, cupcakes and buntings look like buttons. Give the shape of bow to cookies.

Ice Cream Party

It is an interesting theme to celebrate the birthday party of your lovely. Use ice creams cones to cones to decorate the house. Create paper arts for cones. Decorate the house with pink, white or brown colors. Decorate the house with soft colored flowers, ice cream designed buntings. Place different kinds of ice creams on tables.

Princess Party

Make your girl feel like princess for a day. Get idea of your daughter’s favorite princess. Decorate the house with royal colors, flowers, bunting etc. Give a crown to the guest arriving or set a dress code like that. Decorate the whole house with flower crowns, beaded canopies, gold dusting icing and sparkling chandelier. Give the space a ballroom feel with centerpieces made of tiered macaroons.

Super Girl Party

Throw a party for your little beauty with this kind of party. Decorate the home with super girl themed balloons and decorations. Use superhero and girls pictures to decorate the home if your girl likes superhero or girls.

Girls Only Party

This theme is also great for your little princess. Decorate the whole home with girlish colors, sweets, pictures, Disney princesses pictures and dolls. Purchase plastic beaded necklaces and bracelets and use them to highlight cupcakes. Fill the party area with huge tissue paper flowers.