Extraordinary Happy Birthday Craft Ideas from Kids to Mothers

Birthday is a day to celebrate birth of an individual. Person of every age is excited to celebrate their birthday. This is a day to have full enjoyment and fun. Birthday cake is important part of any birthday celebration. Birthday cake usually represents age of a person with candles. Birthday person blows candles and wishes something secretly. It is said that wish of birthday person is fulfilled. Birthday is an important occasion for anyone irrespective of age. Birthday is celebrated to gain wishes and blessing from loved ones. If it is your mother’s birthday then amuse her with special gifts and happy birthday craft.

Normally a birthday party is thrown to celebrate birthdays. Mothers never think about themselves and if it is your mother’s birthday, then you should certainly do something special for your mother. Kids are deeply attached to their mothers and they are super excited to celebrate their mother’s birthdays. They want to do something special for their mothers on this special occasion. Your mother’s birthday is a time to do something special and gift her something crafty.

Astounding Happy Birthday Craft Ideas from Kids

Cardstock Animal Bookmarks

Create animal shaped bookmarks from card stock. You only need to print, color, cut and bend card stock to create these interesting bookmarks. Gift these bookmarks to your mother on her birthday to amuse her. This is also a quick craft for adults.

Tote Bags

If you love coloring and painting clothes then it is a good idea to give a hand painted tote bag to your mother. Take a bag of cloth and paint it with unique design. Your mother will definitely like it.

Paper Flower Bouquet  

It is an amazing gift to give to your mother on her birthday. Make flowers from craft paper. You can make flowers from craft paper in numerous ways. Simple way is just draw a flower on colorful craft paper and cut it. Use button to decorate the flowers. Attach these flowers with green pipes. Make numerous flowers and tie them with a ribbon.

Suede Leather Bracelet

Make a bracelet from scraps of suede leather. You make you only need to cut strips of leather, and paste motifs of a contrasting color with the help of glue. you can also simple twist these scraps to create a bracelet. It is a good leather craft which doesn’t need special leather craft tools.

A Special Book

It is super easy to make a special book for your mother on her birthday. You don’t need to be author for this. Take a notebook and make it a special book with painting, notes, writings and photographs. Paint the cover of the book. Your mother will be amused after having a look on this book.

Easy Handmade Cards

This is one of easiest Happy Birthday craft ideas for mothers on their birthday. Make cards with simple paper cut outs. Express your love with simple drawings and wordings.

Paper Mosaic

These are one among oldest art forms and happy birthday craft ideas for kids. You just need paper scraps to create a picture of anything you like. You can create geometric designs, flowers or shapes of various animals. Your Mom will love this one on her birthday.

Trinket Box

It is one among most interesting happy birthday craft ideas to please mother. Moms always need special storage place for bangles, bracelets, brooches and other things. You can easily make this trinket box with cardboard tubes, cereal box and scraps of ribbon.

Shiny Paper Beads

You can easily create shiny paper beads with paper scraps and magazines. Wind the paper into beads and varnish them for a beautiful shiny finish. Make bracelet from these beads.

Personalized Candles

You can personalize candles to give to your mother. You can easily personalize candles with glue and sparkle. Take pillar candles and draw some design. Put glue on the design and sprinkle sparkle over it. You mum will be amused to see these candles.