Extraordinary Happy Birthday Craft Ideas from Kids to Mothers

There is mom’s birthday, so kids also want to give gift to their mom on her birthday. But they don’t have enough pocket money to purchase a gift. But they can make a gift for their mom by themselves. Even mom will love to receive hand craft gift from her kid. I am sharing today Happy Birthday Craft Ideas for gifts that the kids can make for grownups.

I am talking about really useful, awesome, kid-made gifts that look great. These Happy Birthday Craft Ideas give ideas about the gifts that are useful or can be worn or proudly displayed in a home or office. Mom will feel proud for her kid by receiving such a sweet gift. It does not matter for a mom that the gift is useful or not but for her this gift is priceless. We even can’t imagine for that feelings that a mom feel when she receives a gift from her kid.

Happy Birthday Craft Ideas

Hand and Foot Print Apron  

It is very great idea from Happy Birthday Craft Ideas and easy to make for a kid. They can choose an apron from home and also can purchase easily because it has no more price. Then they can make a hand and footprint on it. They can also write something on it or also can make a design. Mom will feel special when she will wear it during kitchen time.

Napkin Rings

For kids who have mastered a needle and thread then these Button Napkin Rings gift idea from Happy Birthday Craft Ideas is perfect gift idea to make. They can make it easily by using colorful buttons. This gift can use for long time. Mom feels happy to use it and to keep it in kitchen.

Greeting Card

It is very easy idea from Happy Birthday Craft Ideas for every kid. They can make it very creatively. They can use greeting card paper and can write something or also can draw or can paste photos on it. They can write sweet birthday quotes so that mom feels happy to read it.

Coffee Mug

As we always know kids love to make a change or to decorate anything so that they can give new look. In this way they can give a new look to coffee mug that their mom use in routine. They can write something on it or can make any another drawing like drawing any flower, image of mom etc.

Paint the Beach Rocks

It is very fantastic job from Happy Birthday Craft Ideas and very lovely. It is very colorful job. Kids can show their art and can give a new look to rocks. They can turn on beach rocks into dazzling crystal stones with a simple borax and watercolor experiment. They make excellent paperweights or they just look lovely sitting on a table or dresser. Mom would love to use it as paper weight or to keep in drawing room.


They can also make beautiful fabric resist pillows. It’s super easy technique from Happy Birthday Craft Ideas. They need only gel glue and fabric paint. They can write something on it as I Love You Mom or Happy Birthday Mom. They can also paint flowers on it.

Key Rings

It is very creative idea from Happy Birthday Craft Ideas. Kids love to make these kinds of things. They can make these key rings easily and can also spread some kind of message through it. They can make wooden block key rings, beaded key chain, fingerprint key chain.

Winter Luminaries

These winter luminaries are simple to make and just gorgeous! They had be beautify; lined up on a mantle, windows sill or down the center of a harvest table. It look so beautiful.


This is really very easy idea from Happy Birthday Craft Ideas. Kids can do it easily and can help to decorate home by giving this gift. They just need to put glass gems into jar. They can put these glasses in a proper way or can pit roughly but it will look good in all way.

Letter Shaped  Gift Box

Take the gift box to a whole new level with these DIY letter shaped boxes. Spell out “mom” or craft her initials, then fill them with all her favorite trinkets and treats. Mom

Geometric Photo Wall Display

Give her a place to display photo memories with just a piece of wood and pretty paper accents. Mom loves it because it is personalized for her as a gift. You can paste her sweet pictures or pictures with you and tah  hang on a wall to make a surprise for her.