10 Amusing Happy Holi Activities for Kindergarten Kids to do

Holi is also known as festival of colors or festival of sharing love. It is celebrated in the month of March. The festival celebrates the victory of good over bad. It is an exciting festival for everyone but holds special value for kids. Kids enjoy this festival more than Elders. Various Holi activities increase the enthusiasm for the festival. Here are some amusing Holi activities for Kindergarten Kids to do.

Awesome Holi Activities For Children to Celebrate Holi

Play with Colored Confetti

To play with colored confetti is a good idea for kids. It is safe and funny. Kids can dump harmless confetti on each other without hurting anyone.

Rangoli Competition

Arrange a Rangoli competition or painting competition for the kids. Ask your kids friends to participate in the. Every child should be rewarded on this special occasion along with winner.

Ask Them to Participate in the Cooking

Ask your kid to help in cooking delicacies that are being prepared for the festival. These will make him feel like he is part of group. Teach them how to cook traditional dishes for the festival.

Arrangement of Woods

Ask kids collect wood for the festival. ‘Holika Dahan’ is important part of the important part of the festival. Also tell the children tale of Prahalada. Holi folk fire really tells about the importance of the festival.

Holi Games

Make arrangements to play games. This will enhance the enthusiasm for the festival. Various kinds of games can be organized for the kids.

Home Made Holi Powders

Prepare some homemade Holi powders. Artificial colorants have a damaging effect on environment and people. Prepare colors from orange flowers, rose flowers and leafy vegetables. Use turmeric for yellow color. Mix these colours to have fun.

Make Holi Cards

Hand made Holi cards are a great way to show and affection to friends and family. Take a craft paper, fold it and draw some interesting painting. Also write a Holi message on the card.

Drama Activities

Organize some drama activities for kids. Tell them to perform a drama telling the story of Holika or the ill effects of using artificial colors.

Decoration of the House

Decorate the house with various colorful things of your choice. Help in arrangements of the party. This activity will add fun to the festival.

Make Special Crafts for the Festival

Explore design and prepare some special crafts like flower bouquet of colorful flowers, painting etc to celebrate the festival. This will add fun and increase enthusiasm for the festival.