7 Ways to Throw the Most Amazing Holi Party

Holi is one among most famous festivals in India. It is also called festival of colours and love. It is celebrated with colours. This festival marks the victory of good over evil. This festival is celebrated all over the country with different names. People visit family, friends and throw coloured solutions on each other. The festival is celebrated on full moon day in the month of Phalgun. Holi is celebrated to spead love and is a festival of forgive and forget. After playing with colors one should follow a holi bash. The joy of festival increases 10 times with near and dear ones.To throw the most Amazing holi party is best idea to get closer to near and dear ones.

Magnificent ways to Throw the Most Amazing Holi Party

Decide a Theme For the Party

When people don’t know that to wear they feel uneasy. So it’s a good idea to decide a proper theme for the party. Decide a proper dress code for the party. Decorate the house according to the theme. Colourful theme should be selected to honor the festival. Colorful clothes are good option to select. Themed parties are fun!

Send Fun Invites to Near and Dear Ones

You don’t need to send formal invites through invitation cards to your family and friends. Just make phone calls or messages to the people you want to join at your holi party. Give some reminder calls to know if there are some last minute changes or cancellations. You can also remind them the timing through a message. If you want to do something creative you can buy cards and write out an invitation. A small packet of Gulal could be attached to this. Post these cards to your near and dear ones.

Purchase Decorations

Decorations are based on the theme. Because Holi is a festival of colours, so decorate the home or place where party is to be organised with colourful things. Many party decorations can be found at local party store and are inexpensive. In addition hand made things things can also be used to decorate the place. Purchase things which you and your guests will like.

Play Music

No party could be complete without music. Play some Holi related music in your party. Make a collection of all time favorite holi songs and play them in your room. Volume of the music could be set to desirable levels.

Serve exciting food items in your party

Serve some exciting food items in your party to make party more interesting. It is an Indian festival, so don’t forget to include Indian food to your party. Include Indian dishes like paneer tika, chaat, chole bhature etc. Also keep serving snacks throughout the party.

Refreshing Drinks and Softdrinks

Keep serving glasses of thandai, mock tails, lemonade and soft drinks throughout the party. Drinks refresh people and make parties more enjoyable.

Keep your Guests Happy

Make sure your guests are comfortable with one another. Introduce people with those who are unknown to them. Give your guests a return gift like colorful flower bouquet and make sure that everyone gets home.