Extraordinary Ideas to Celebrate Holi-The Festival of Colors

Holi is the festival of colors. It is celebrated in the month of ‘phalgun’ with great zeal and enthusiasm in whole country. It is also becoming popular in other parts of the world. It marks the victory of good over bad. People play with colors on this occasion. People forget old rivalries and hug each other on this festival. If you are looking for interesting colorful time then consider these extraordinary Holi  Ideas to celebrate Holi-The Festival of Colors.

Wonderful Ideas to Celebrate Holi in a Unique Way

Celebrating Eco-friendly Holi

This is one of great ideas to celebrate Holi  in a unique way. Prepare eco-friendly Holi colors with fruits, vegetables and juices. Preparing colors is a great fun. You can also encourage others to play eco-friendly colors. You can also distribute eco-friendly colors to celebrate happy and safe Holi. You can also start a stall to sell Holi colors. It is fun and interesting activity.

Waterless Holi

Playing waterless holi is also an interesting idea to celebrate Holi. Avoid using water to play waterless Holi. Colors dissolved in water are difficult to remove. Waterless Holi will save water as well. Try to encourage people to play waterless Holi.

Celebrate Holi with Flowers

To celebrate Holi with flowers and flower petals in very pleasant and exciting idea. Holi can also be played with colorful confetti. Make Rangolis with colorful flowers. Arrange a Rangoli competition to add fun and excitement.

Celebrate Holi through Playing Games

Organize special games to play on Holi. Some of the famous games played on Holi are

Find the Coin : It is interesting Holi party game. According to the game, players need to find the coin in colored water. Who finds coin in minimum time wins the game.

Wet Sponge Relay Race: It is interesting game where players wet the sponge and collect the water.

Obstacle Holi Race: It is an interesting holi activity where players have to complete the race crossing all the hurdles.

Fill Glass with Coins: Players have to fill glass with coins in minimum time.

Shoot the candles with water gun: An interesting game where winner has to blow maximum candles with water gun in one minute.

Holi with Old-age Homes

Playing Holi with Old-age homes is a good idea to bring smiles on faces of old people. Go to the Old-age home with friends along with gifts to make them feel special. Play Tilak Holi with them. Ask about the various amazing moments related to Holi.