A To-Do List of Cool and Purely Canadian things for the Wonderful Canada Day Celebrations

Canada Day is a day full of joy and pride that all its citizens enjoy on the occasion. The day fills its citizens with enthusiasm and zest. You can go for some really amazing Canada Day Celebrations ideas in full Canadian style. Celebrating Canada Day is in itself a moment of pride for being a citizen of an independent nation. Go for celebrating the day in the best possible and keep the fervour of the occasion.

Fantabulous Canada Day Celebrations Ideas to go for

  1. Take a ride on the bike around Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island, or the Victoria. But just make sure to bring your own bottled water, because fresh water can be hard to find, especially in the more remote islands.
  2. Take a day out and go to the aquarium in Vancouver and learn about the widespread and rich marine eco-systems of Canada’s west coast.
  3. Have a revisit to some Canadian sports at the Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, ride a summer bobsleigh, go zip lining, or check out the Sports Hall of Fame. If still, you have time left then, explore Alberta’s Aboriginal heritage through music and dance at Calgary’s Canada Day powwow.
  4. Get to celebrate Canadian junk food with ketchup and dill pickle flavoured chips, Nanaimo bars, coffee crisp chocolate bars and a bloody caesar. Also, while you’re chowing down, indulge in a little piece of the rock with a jiggs and then, have a slice of bakeapple pie topped with delicious tinned cream. Then, wash it down with pineapple or birch beer crush. And not to forget to enjoy a Canadian barbeque with peameal bacon on a bun and delicious maple-glazed salmon and eat butter tarts or dessert.
  5. Pick your favourite Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, and Tragically Hip songs and feel an all-Canadian jam session.
  6. At the Musique de la Baie in Yarmouth, take in Acadian music and the Acadian Shores, Nova Scotia. Other than that, trace your family’s routes to at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 in Halifax, Canada. Also, do visit the oldest surviving lighthouse in Canada and most easterly point of Northern America at Cape Spear, Newfoundland.
  7. In Outaouais (Quebec), Paddle a kayak through the water maze. Also, you can watch the highest tides in the world roll in at the Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick.
  8. For beer lovers, make a list of Canadianisms. But make sure to include favourites like beer store, double-double, two-four, chesterfield and bunny hug. Sample some of these Canada’s delicious craft beers. BC is ground zero for micro-breweries.
  9. Take a tour to vineyards in the Niagara wine region and if you choose to taste, be safe and book a bus tour. Hamilton is known as the City of Waterfalls that is located on the Niagara Escarpment. Check out the somewhat surprising natural beauty of the Steel City. And dig for sparkly purple amethysts in Thunder Bay.
  10. And most importantly, make personalised Canada flag shirts with this easy craft and bake maple bacon cupcakes for a quintessentially Canadian treat.

So, what you think about all these Canadian stuff to enjoy the occasion of this year’s Canada Day. But make sure, your fun and enjoyment do not harass anyone else. Other than that, have a super fun day and make the most of the memories out of it.