10 DIY Mothers Day Gifts Ideas that Kids can make to make Mum’s Happy

Mothers Day is celebrated on every 2nd Sunday in the month of May. Children pamper their mothers with breakfast in bed, gifts, flowers and other things. Every kid is excited to present a special gift to his mother on Mothers Day. Mothers love nothing more than a handmade gift from their kids. DIY Mothers Day gifts are fully capable of showing love and care towards mothers.

Kids enjoy making homemade gifts and their mothers enjoy receiving them. There are several Mothers Day gifts that kids can make easily and impress their mums on this special occasion. Your Mum is worthy of receiving an adorable handmade gift made right from heart on this special occasion.

Wonderful DIY Mothers Day Gifts That Kids can Create

Flower Bouquet

It is one of most interesting DIY Mothers Day gifts to give to the mothers. Kids Make flowers from cardboard paper by creating designs and then cutting them out. Make stems with the help of pipes and paste them on the back side of flowers with the help of glue. Make several flowers and wrap them with a wrapper. Tie them with a ribbon and present on Mothers Day.

Painted Beaded Bracelets

This is one of most beautiful DIY Mothers Day gifts to present on Mothers Day. Make this easy beaded bracelet to delight your mother on this occasion.  You can easily make it with wooden beads, paint, rings and threads.

Thumbprint Heart Charm

It is most easy and unique DIY Mothers Day Gifts to create for mothers. Take some clay and roll it. After rolling squish it into a coin shape. Kids have to put their fingerprints in the shape of heart. With the help of paint and some personal touches you can easily make turn this charm into a necklace pendant.

Doily Lace Votives

You can create perfect candle holder with the help of paper dollies. This is an easy and interesting craft to create. Plain votive candle holders will look very beautiful and feminine this way.

Mothers Day Paper Weights

Your mum will definitely like to place these beautiful handmade paperweights on her table. Take a stone of ideal size and make use of fabric scraps to cover it. You can also make a monogram of letter M and paste it on it.

Hearts Fingerprint Canvas

This is one of most interesting DIY Mothers Day gifts ideas to present to mothers. Kids will love to create this craft as they love painting. Make shape of heart with the help of fingerprints.

Easy Button Necklace

You can create this adorable and easy bracelet to charm your mothers on Mothers Day. This beautiful button necklace can be easily created with bottons and thread.

Hand Painted Wooden Bracelets

This is an easy and unique gift to present to mothers. These stylish wooden bracelets are good to give as a gift. You can easily decorate these wooden bracelets with dots, fingerprints, or other unique designs.

Glass Vases

It is easy and fun to create these glass vases. You can use a variety of products like mason jars, wine bottles or any glass jar to create them. Just paint them. You can also use decorative embellishments but they will look elegant if painted white. Put some wild flowers and gift to your mum.

Cotton Pillow Covers

Kids love and enjoy painting. Take a cotton pillow and make impressive designs to impress your mothers. You can write phrases to thank mothers with fabric colors.