10 Effortless yet Mind-Blowing Mothers Day Art and Craft Ideas for Kids

Mothers Day is celebrated to acknowledge and cherish mothers and motherhood. It is celebrated on 2nd Sunday in the month of May every year in most of the countries including India. This day is specially devoted to mothers. This is a day to show love and care and to be grateful towards mother and motherhood. Celebrating Mothers Day is a great idea to show mother that we care. Different handmade Mothers Day art and craft ideas help show affection towards your mother.

Kids learn so many things from their mothers. A mother’s love is like nothing else in this world. Mothers love is patient and forgiving. Mothers often forget about themselves while taking care of their children. Giving a gift is a little effort to make mothers feel special. Make your best mother feel like queen on this special occasion.

Everyone including kids wants to do something new for their mother on this special occasion. Presenting a homemade gift is a good idea. Homemade gifts have special importance. Hand made gifts are of their own kind. No two creations can be same. These are very personal for the receiver because they are crafted with love. Homemade gifts are appreciated by the mothers and are fun to be created. If mothers day is round the corner and you haven’t decided anything special for your mother, then don’t panic. Here are some effortless yet mind-blowing mothers day art and craft ideas for kids.

Easy and Fabulous Mothers Day Art and Craft Ideas for Kids to Present

Beautifully Painted Heart

Take cardboard paper and draw shape of heart in it. Cut the paper carefully. Paint it with red or any color you like. ‘Write I love you Mom’ with permanent marker or colors.

I Love You Card

It is easiest to make I love you card. Take two construction papers. Fold one construction paper into shape of card. Place hand on other construction paper and mark it with pencil. Color it and cut the shape. Write I love you with glitter or simple marker. Make I Love You sign with the hand shape and attach it to your card. Write some note inside the card.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flowers are easy and fun to make. You need tissue papers, hot glue and ribbons to create them and a broach pin. Twist tissue papers and roll them. Fold green ribbon and attach with flowers with the help of broach pin.

Artistic Candles

Candles are always an amazing gift to present. You can become a little crafty with them. Take pillar candles and design them with the help of tooth prick. You can also use papers or tissue papers to draw something artistic and paste on the candle with the help of glue.

Hand printed Apron

If you mother is a cook and wears apron while cooking then it is a good idea to gift a hand printed Apron is easiest and interesting gift to give. Take white apron paint your hands and place them on Apron. This will help mothers memorize her kids when they were young.

Flower Pots

Flower pots are amazing yet easy gifts to present to your mother. Take clay pots and paint them. You can write ‘I love you Mom’ on them or draw some other paintings to make it unique. You can plant real flowers on them.

Love Mugs

One among most easy and memorable gifts to give. Take a plain mug and write ‘I Love You Mom’ with permanent marker. This mug will make mother memorize you every time she takes some beverage.

Finger Print Charms

Take some clay and roll it. Then press it. Use your thumb or finger prints to make shape of heart. Easy to create and gift.

Mothers Day Painting

One of memorable Mothers Day art and craft ideas to create a drawing of your mother. Take a craft paper and draw something interesting for your mother. It is easy and funny to draw a painting for your mother on Mothers Day. Draw a memorable design with the help of pencil, brush and water colors.

Mothers Day Art with Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle sticks are part of almost every ice cream. Make use of these sticks to create various designs. Decorate them with different buttons and other things. Attach them to craft paper.