10 Mind-Blowing DIY Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Mothers Day is a significant occasion celebrated to honor mothers and motherhood worldwide. It is celebrated on 2nd Sunday in the month of May in most of the countries including India. It is a day to say thanks to mothers for their unconditional love and warmth. Mothers day is celebrated to show gratitude towards mothers and their selfless love. It is a day to show love and care towards mothers. Mothers Day is celebrated with great fervor and interest in every corner of the world.

Kids learn a lot of things from their mothers and a mother is first teacher for any kid. She always supports her children in every situation of life. Her love is forgiving and deep. She devotes herself to the family and works all the time without even thinking of herself. We can never repay for her sacrifices but celebrating Mothers Day is a small way to show gesture and appreciation. A mom is most valuable and her love is incomparable. She truly deserves something big on this special occasion.

People celebrate Mothers Day in different ways. Some people throw parties whereas some people find other ways to show their love towards their mothers. Everyone wants to give a special gift to their moms. Kids spend a lot of time with their moms and share a deep bond with them. They are always willing to do something creative for their mums. They want to give a special gift to their mum.

Wonderful Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Kids to Present

Mason Jar Vase

This is one among cutest and easiest gift ideas for kids. Younger children can put gemstones in this jar and make a beautiful tag for the vase. They can also tie a ribbon around the vase.

Wooden Stool Makeover

This is one among most unique Mothers Day gift ideas. Take a wooden stool and paint it. Draw various designs to please your mother on this very special occasion.

Mothers Day Bookmarks

If your mother enjoys reading books then making mothers Day Bookmarks is an interesting idea. Make bookmarks for your moms using thick card board paper and draw paintings craft paper. You can give them interesting shape of monsters. Paste painting on it.

Thumbprints Heart Charm

Take clay and give it shape of a disk. Make shape of a heart using thumbprint or fingerprint. Use toothpick to poke a hole in it. This heart charm can be used as a pendant and is a unique and beautiful gift for your mother.

Flower Cone

This is one among cutest Mothers Day Gift Ideas. Use butcher paper and ribbon to create these flower cones which can be easily hung. You can place real flowers, paper flowers or handmade cards on these cones.

Tote Bag for Mother

Take a cloth bag and paint it. You can make various designs on it  or simply write the reasons why you love your mother. A beautiful artwork on this tote bag will surely delight your mother on Mothers Day.

Personalized Candles

Candles are a good to gift on Mothers Day. Take pillar candles and do interesting artwork to make this gift even better. You can use toothpick to create designs on candles. You can also decorate candles using sparkle.

Mothers Day Flowers

You can really make your mum’s day special with special mother day flowers. To create them you only need colored craft paper, scissors, glue and a marker. Make flowers of various designs.

Clay Pots

To make special clay pots for mum is fun idea. Take clay pot and make various designs to impress your mums. Your mother can make use of these pots to store a variety of things.

Photo Wall Hanging

This is one of the most cutest Mothers Day Gift Ideas.This can be created easily with photos, card stock, ribbon and tin can lids. Children surely need a helping hand for this gift. You need a power drill to create holes in tin leads. This is a memorable gift to present on Mothers Day.