10 Top-of-the-Line Mothers Day Crafts and Gifts for Beautiful Mums

Mothers Day is celebrated on 2nd Sunday in the month of May. Mothers Day is a day to thank mothers for everything they have done for us. It is a day to tell how much you care and respect them. Mothers Day is celebrated to honor mothers and motherhood all over the world. Mothers Day is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm worldwide. Trend of celebrating mothers day started in Greek and UK for the first time but now Mothers Day celebrations are becoming so common in every country including India. People give gifts to their mom’s on this special day. Hand made Mothers Day crafts and gifts can make this day more special for your mum.

Mothers love their children unconditionally and selflessly. They take care of their children and often forget to take care of themselves. Mothers surely deserve a special day and celebration. Everyone is excited to celebrate Mother Day after all it is a time to show your love and affection towards your mother. Mothers Day is celebrated in numerous ways. Mostly people throw a Mothers Day party to celebrate Mothers Day while some others find other ways to celebrate Mothers Day.

It is a big day for anyone who loves their mother. People give gifts to show their love and appreciation towards their mothers.  Hand made Mothers Day crafts and gifts have special importance. They show love and gesture towards mothers. It really doesn’t matter what gift you give to your mother because she is always going to appreciate it. But a little thoughtful gift can make her more delighted and cheerful. Gift something very special to your mother on this special occasion.

Wonderful Mothers Day crafts for Wonderful Mothers

Clay Charm Bracelet

A beautiful handmade Clay charm bracelet will surely make your  mother delighted. You can easily make it with little clay and leather cord. Take some clay and give it any desired shape. Poke  a small hole with the help of tooth prick and bake it. Insert leather cord in it. Create various designs this way. It is an interesting gift to present.

Swirl Ring

It is a wonderful Mothers Day craft to present to your mother. Give a beautiful handmade swirl ring to cheer your mother on this special day. It can be easily made with a wire. Use nose pliers to give it a  U shape. Now wrap the folded wire around ring mandrel to give it a round shape. Give desired shape to one end with hammer.

Crafted Candles

It is an interesting Mothers Day craft to gift on Mothers Day. It is a good idea to gift candles and if you turn thoughtful then you can make this gift even more memorable. Take candles and make some design on it using a tooth prick.

Painted Mugs

A beautiful painted and crafted mug will surely remind you to your mother even after Mothers Day. Take a mug and paint it with a beautiful mother. Write ‘I love You Mum’ with permanent marker. Gift it on Mothers Day.

Gift Box full of Memories

It is a wonderful idea to gift your mother a box full of memories. Take a box and decorate the exterior of the box according to your mother’s choice. Put your photographs with your mother, photo frames and handmade cards showing your love for your mother. You can also put her favorite book , recipe book or other interesting things in this box.

Mothers Day Bouquet

Mothers Day bouquet can be easily made with craft paper and satin ribbon. Take craft papers of various colors and cut them in shape of flowers. Use pipes to make stems of the flowers. Wrap them with a plastic wrapper and tie with a satin ribbon.

Bottle Vase

Simple bottles can be converted into beautiful and crafty vases. Decorate bottles with sandpaper or paint opaque bottles and make some interesting design. Put beautiful flowers of your mothers choice. It is interesting idea to gift a bottle vase to your mother.

Decorated Clay pot

This is one of beautiful Mothers Day crafts and would certainly draw your mother’s attention. A crafted clay pot can be presented to mothers on Mothers Day. Take clay pot and paint it with various colors. You can also make a beautiful design on the clay pot.

Wooden Monogram with Letter M

To create this you need to buy a wooden letter ‘M’. Paint it with your mum’s favorite color. You can decorate this monogram in various ways. You can decorate it with buttons, paper flowers, photos or drawing. It is a beautiful gift to present on Mothers day.

Pretty Wreath

Mom is like an angel for every child. Create a beautiful wreath for her to present on Mothers Day. Saturate a floral foam and paste flowers on it. You can choose blue and white color flowers to create flower wreath. You can also make use of leaves and stems.