Exciting Mothers Day Games Kids can Play with their Moms

Games are the part of everyone’s life. Everybody loves to play games. It does not matter what age that person have. If we add the games to party than it make our party more entertaining and interesting. There should be special Mothers Day Games on celebration of Mother’s Day. These games will make them relax. It will add more fun to our party.

Mom always allow us to play even if she is so busy in kitchen then also she don’t ask us to help her. Because she knows kids love to play. Let make today something special for her, take her to back in her old days. Mothers Day Games should be easy to play, these must have easy rules that every got easy. These should not be time consuming and should have a lot of fun.

Awards Night

This is one of the interesting game from Mothers Day Games. It is going to make mom feel likes star. Make a list of all the different kinds of awards you’d like to give Mom and ask her to give a speech after each award. Some of the awards could be “world Bests Mom”, “Extraordinary Cook”,  “Most Loving Person”, etc.

Hot Seat

It is one of the coolest and endearing games from Mothers Day Games. Put your mom in the quiz master’s seat and let her question you about the things that she likes. You answer them and let your mom know you pay more attention to her.

Musical Chair

This is one of the games from Mothers Day Games which everyone loves to play. Arrange the chairs in a circle and select the persons who are going to play this game. Try to select your mom and her friends so that they can remind their old time. There should be one less chair as many persons are playing. Play the music and start the game. Person who will not get chair to sit will kick out from yhe game. Person who will go up to the end will be winner.

Outdoor Games

You can also play outdoor games. If your mom is an active person then you can make a competition between your mom and her friends. They can play badminton, tennis or her favorite sport. They can play chess, carom, and play cards to make a competition or to have a fun.

Test of Patience

When you are planning Mothers Day Games don’t forget to play “mom-ism”. Make a list of all the favorite phrases that your mom uses and see how long she can without using them.

Photo Matching Competitio0n

This Mothers Day Games idea is for a large gathering of people. Each family has to get a baby photo of the mom or a baby photo of the number of children in the family. Now mom have to match correctly the children to their baby photos. Each correct match earns a point.

Dumb Charades

It is really interesting game from Mothers Day Games. To play this game let you divide the people in to two teams. A player from a team is called and given the name of film by another team. Then that player has to explain the name of that game to his team members with actions only. If team guess the name than it wins a point.


You can ask to mom to give a dance performance or there can be surprise dance competition in between all mothers hose are participating in party. It will be really very entertaining game from Mothers Day Games. She can also sing a song, or can speak a poem or anything which she likes.

Blind Trust Make Over Game

A fun game where one mom apply make on face of another mom’s while blindfolded. One girl wears a blindfold and the makeup is laid out in front of her. Another mom have to sit in front of the one who is blindfolded. Which one will apply the makeup best than others will be the winner.