10 Stunning DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas to Celebrate with your Partner

Anniversary means that day on which day you and your life partner bound with each other for whole life. This day remind you about your first day of journey. When you hold hand of each other with a trust and lot of love. Now on this day you must think about to gift something special on this day

   Expressing your love in form of a gift can be tricky. The best way to show your partner that how much you love him/her is by taking time to think of and create a homemade anniversary gift. Most of the people think about DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas. These gifts are perfect for every year after. Take the time to show your love with these creative DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas.

DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas

Decorated Notes: To remind your honey how much you love feel for him/her, scatter the home with bunch of nicely decorated notes. On each note write something you love about him/her. To make it more interesting, write on the back of each notes that where is the next notes. You can also paste your different photographs and can write your feelings for your love.

Photo Frame   of  Your Travel Together: You can also make a photo Frame by collecting those photos which you clicked when you both traveled together. You can also put your honeymoons pictures.

Make an Anniversary Mix Cd:  It will be very romantic idea from DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas. You can watch your marriage anniversary video by sitting with each other. You can edit it by adding more videos as of your engagement video or another videos in which you both of spend time together. You can also make video on Picasa by adding photos of both of you.

Thing I Love About You A Little Book: Some time for some persons it is not easy to express their feelings in front of other. Even to life partner also because of their shy nature. But here we have an idea from DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas through which you can express your feelings to your partner. Buy a diary having good cover and now you can write about your feelings in it or can also write that you like more about your partner.

Handmade Scarf : This idea from DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas is to always remind your partner about you. You can also make a Scarf for your partner with your hands. Whenever he/she wear it must remind your hug. It can be colorful of cotton or can also of woolen.

Surprise him with Lunch at his job: Synchronize  your lunch time with your hubby’s  and make his favorite lunch and take to his office. You can also prepare his favorite sweet dish to add sweetness to this dy. If you are not able to stay to enjoy it with him., leave it with a sweet note that makes him smile from ear to ear.

Song Lyrics Picture Frame: It is very romantic idea from DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas.  You can gift a picture frame with lyrics of romantic song or your favorite song that you that you want to dedicate to your partner.

Love Letter: No doubt it is an old time idea from DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas. But to express your feelings through love letter is very different and heart touching. You can write something special that you feel about your honey.

DIY Memory Pillows: It is very different and great idea from DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas. You can gift pillows that your partner can use in routine also and always feel your love. You can draw different kind of designs or can have sweet photo of both of you.

Candle Night Dinner: It is very romantic idea from DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas. You can prepare meal yourself and can decorate the dining table with candles and flowers so to have romantic scene. Your life partner must love it.