Entertaining Anniversary Party Games Ideas for Couples

Anniversary is a special day for every couple in their life. Anniversary Party Games Ideas are a special addition to the party fun. There are many types of Anniversary Party Games Ideas that you can opt for and make the party more interesting and entertaining. Before, you start a party and plan different games to be played on the occasion, you have to keep in your mind so many things like

  1. What is your budget to be used?
  2. How many guests have you invited?
  3. What is the age range of your guests?
  4. How much time is available for the Anniversary celebrations?

You must plan your Anniversary party accordingly. The Anniversary Party Games Ideas should be tolerable to all age groups, should be easy to play and the rules of the games must be easy to understood by all.

Like other parties, anniversary celebration can be enlivened with a few well chosen Anniversary Party Games Ideas. Your guest list will help you to plan new kinds of Anniversary Party Games Ideas. You can take Anniversary Party Games Ideas from everyone around so you can make your party more interesting. Some games become best and interesting when these are played by couple and teams, while some Anniversary Party Games Ideas are especially meant for kids.

I would suggest you to go for new and unique Anniversary Party Games Ideas that will make your party more interesting and memorable. While playing any of the games, a good piece of music will prove to be an entertainer and keep people interested in the games. Now, you may go through my extraordinary collection of the Anniversary Party Games Ideas that are surely going to add that extra flavor to your anniversary party.

Interesting Anniversary Party Games Ideas to be played

  1. I never

    Things Required: Candy
    How to play:
  • Supply some candies to every guest who is going to play this game.
  • Firstly, ask them to make some true statements about themselves as I never. For example, if a person never drank a wine he would say I never drank wine.
  • If the statement ‘I never’ will be true for the other participants they will eat one candy each.
  • In the same way, everyone will say such things according to their turn. At the end, the person who ate maximum number of candies will be the clear winner.
  1. Who is your mate?

    Things Required: Pens, Papers
    How to play:
  • One person from each couple will have to leave the room.
  • You must have planned some questions already that you want to ask from them.
  • The other half of each couple that stays in the room, will be questioned the already planned questions.
  • You will have to write down the answers and questions on a paper, and same same questions from their partners.
  • Assign point values to each question that matches.
  • The reverse of role should happen for the couples for the next set of questions.
  • The couple with the most points wins the prize.
  1. Paper Dancing Competition

    Things Required:
    Paper, Music instrument
    How to play:
  • Keep some paper charts on the floor and let all the couples dance on that chart paper.
  • Select a person as a judge.
  • Then, fold the paper for the next round.
  • The couple that will dance up to the last round will be the winner.
  1. Musical Chairs

    Things Required: Chairs, Music instrument
    How to play:
  • Arrange the chairs in a circle, and remember there should be one chair less than the total number persons playing the game.
  • Play music and let all the players move around the chairs. Then, stop music for while and the participants will have to take their seat on chair. The person who will not get the seat will be out of the game.
  • In this way, the person who will be able to get the seat till the end of the game, will win the game.
  1. Tie a yellow ribbon

    Things Required: Yellow ribbon cut it into various lengths, around 100 or 200 uneven pieces needed
    How to play:
  • Divide the guests into pairs; and then they will have to find the pieces of ribbon throughout the house, as many pieces as they can find.
  • They must work with their partners to tie the pieces of ribbon so that they can make a long ribbon out of those.
  • Whoever will be having the longest piece of the ribbon at the end of 5 minutes will be the winner.
  1. Truth and Dare

    Things Required: Bottle to rotate
    How to play: Let all the participants sit in a circle.
  • One person will rotate the bottle.
  • When the bottle opening will stop in a person’s direction, he/she will have to select truth and dare.
  • Then, you can ask any question or give them anything to do.
  1. Sing Along

    Things Required: Jar, Slips of paper
    How to play:
  • Divide the guests into a number two teams.
  • In a jar, fold up slips of the papers having different words written on them.
  • Team 1 has to draw a slip from the jar and has to sing song related to that word.
  • In the same way, team 2 and then team 1 again.
  • Keep going on, until the one of the teams gets stumped. The other team wins the point.