Happy Marriage Anniversary Party Ideas and Suggestions

Anniversaries are always worth celebrating time, whether it is happy couple’s 1st or 25th. An Anniversary is the perfect time to celebrate and remember the achievements of couples and to remind the time they spend with each other. Your celebration depends upon that how kind of Marriage Anniversary Party Ideas you are selecting for your party. To make more entertaining your Party you have to select best Marriage Anniversary Party Ideas.

Some time we see that we go to a party that was celebrated in a simple and different way. And all the guest enjoy a lot. Even it is celebrated in a low budget. Main reason behind is that they have made a proper planning with a proper Marriage Anniversary Party Ideas.

Celebrating marriage Anniversary Party Throw different Marriage Anniversary Party Ideas is great way to let parents, grandparents and your special friends come to know how much they mean to you and how happy you are for their marriage milestone.

Here are some different Happy Marriage Anniversary  Party Ideas:

Sent out invitation


Anniversary party invitation idea is the most important out of the Marriage Party Anniversary Ideas. When you are going to organize the party you must know how many persons are going to join the party, for how many persons you have to make arrangement. Invitation reflect the personality of the couples, the significance of the occasion and the theme of the party itself.

Choose a location


When you are going to organize a Marriage Anniversary Party the most important point is location that where are you going to celebrate your party. It can be at home if your home has good space otherwise you can select bar, good restaurant, church, club. The event doesn’t have to held across the street from your house.

Anniversary Decoration Ideas


You must decorate the place in different way. As you can decorate the place with silver and gold balloons. You can place these balloons in bunches all throughout the room. Using candles with golden wreathes can  also add up to the party mood. A theme from a song or favorite movie of couple can also be use in party  for decoration.

Anniversary Party Food Ideas


If you can  afford cater then get one. In that way you will have time to mingle with your guest and take care of honored couple. If you cannot then try to prepare foods that you can prepare in advance. you will want to make sure someone couples favorite dishes. Stock up soft cold drinks, coffee, sodas, and beer also.

Gifts for the couple

anniversary gift
Anniversary Gift

When shopping for the couple, consult the people who know their tastes and preferences. Jewelry is a good and unique idea, when you think about gold themed gifts. You can gift the couple rings and can organize a little ring ceremony function to exchange their rings. In this way you can  give a gift also and can remind them their best moment from where they start their life journey.



Entertainment is a important part that you have to maintain throughout the whole party time. Its nice to at least have some soft music going on background. There can also be dance of kids and couples so let all enjoy. At the end of the party there should be free dance that all have to dance and enjoy the party.



Idea of playing the games is one of the most enjoyable idea from Marriage Anniversary Party Ideas . you can select different kinds of games that all couple and kids can play and enjoy. Rules of the games should easy to understand and games should be easy to play and interesting.



Photography is the best way to capture these sweet moments for full life. Try to invite professional photographer. This idea from marriage anniversary party ideas is the idea that make you to keep these moments with you always. You can see these moments any time again in your life.

Timing is everything

For any marriage anniversary Party ideas or any other Function the time is consider as important part.

Everything should be done within the time as when you have to give food to guest, when the games have to be play.

 Pick a Theme

theme based
Theme based

Adding  a special theme idea to your marriage anniversary party idea will make a new change in your party. You can set theme according to marriage anniversary party as ruby, silver , gold.

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