Happy Wedding Anniversary Cakes Ideas and Recipes

Wedding anniversary is the date when marriage of a couple took place. It is very important date for any couple. Wedding Anniversary is celebrated to memorize this important event of life. Time flies when you are with your loved ones. Almost every couple celebrates the date and addition of one year of togetherness. The life of a journey is not easy. Troughs and crests are part of every relationship. Wedding anniversary is a time to look back upon those sweet and sour times. It is time to celebrate one more year of togetherness. This is time to celebrate this special event. There are many ways to celebrate it but any celebration is incomplete without cake.  Various Wedding Anniversary cakes can be prepared to make the occasion more special.

Wedding anniversary is a time to show love and care towards your partner. It is time to show the importance of your spouse in your life. People celebrate wedding anniversaries in various ways. Some people throw parties while others find some other interesting ways to celebrate this memorable event of their life. Some people celebrate it by spending time together and going for a vacation. Some people throw parties and invite their loved ones. Mostly parties are thrown to share our moments of happiness with our near and dear ones. Most of the people throw wedding anniversary parties to share their happiness with friends.

Wedding cakes represent happiness, wealth and fertility of couple. Long ago couples were given multiple cakes on wedding which led to the tradition of three tier cake that we see today. Top tier of wedding anniversary cake is kept same like wedding cake. Wedding anniversary cake is part of almost every wedding anniversary party and celebrations. Special wedding anniversary cakes prepared with love make the wedding anniversary more special.

Delectable Wedding Anniversary Cakes  to Serve with Love

Brimming with Roses Cake

The rose is a flower that symbolizes love. This cake uses all the glory of the roses to show love in a wedding anniversary party. The cake is decorated with roses flowers prepared with icings. The cake is underscored with graceful dotted scrolls.

Darkest Chocolate Crepe Cake

To prepare this you need flour eggs, chocolate glaze and hazelnuts. Nuts are dipped in caramelized sugar and hung like bats. Spoon half cup glaze on the top of the cake. Refrigerate until glaze is firm and set. Garnish with toasted and candies hazelnuts.

Meringue-Frosted Cake with Raspberry Filling

This is delicious jam filled vanilla cake topped with tasty meringue. Easily prepared with flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, frozen raspberries. Make the meringue, frost the cake and brown it.

Triple Chocolate Cheese CakeHappy Wedding Anniversary Cakes Ideas and Recipes

This is a delectable cheese cake with triple dose of chocolate. It is filled with chocolate in the crust, in the filling and on the top. It is topped with chocolate ganache. After baking let the cheesecake set for one hour in the oven to prevent cracking.  Use knife dipped in warm water to cut slices this too helps cracking.

Mini Heart Shaped Cake

To prepare mini heart shaped cake you need flour, cocoa powder, sugar, eggs and melted chocolate for decoration. After cooking cake in a wire rack cut it in the shape of heart with heart-shaped cookie cutter. Spread thin layer of frosting over the cake.

Angel Food Swirl Cake

It is a delicious cake to prepare on wedding anniversary. A traditional Angel food cake is swirled with raspberries. Serve it with tart buttermilk sorbet. To make it you need cake flour, sugar, salt, raspberries, eggs, cream of tartar and vanilla extract.

Strawberry Cake

It is a tasty cake to prepare on wedding anniversary. Everyone likes its moist and strawberry taste. Can be easily prepared using cake flour, sugar, butter, strawberry flavored gelatin, eggs, milk, vanilla extract, strawberry puree and strawberry frosting. Decorate it with strawberries in the middle.

Easy Ice Cream Cake

It is very simple and delicious cake to be prepared on wedding anniversary. Use ice cream sandwiches to build this tasty cake. Can be easily prepared with cream, confectioners’ sugar, ice cream sandwiches and chopped chocolate chips.

Chocolate Almond Cake

One of amazing wedding anniversary cakes to serve. If you love the combined taste of chocolate and almonds, then this cake is a good option to prepare. To prepare this you need almonds, cake flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, eggs, vanilla extract and almond extract and milk. Pour chocolate ganache after baking.