Hilarious Wedding Anniversary Quotes for your Wife that are too Funny

Wedding anniversary is a date worth celebrating. It is the day when a beautiful relationship of marriage is bound. This occasion holds a special significance in every couple’s life. It is a time to look back upon past times and memories. It is time to think about mistakes you made and to improve them. Wedding anniversary is a special time to acknowledge your partner for all the love and warmth. Wedding is an important occasion. It is the time when your soulmate accompanied you in the journey of life. Wedding anniversary is the date which falls upon same day. Your partner deserves something very special on this special day.

Wedding anniversaries are celebrated in numerous ways. This is a day to memorize that special event and all the happy and tough time you spent together. Wedding anniversaries should not be forgotten and should be celebrated in interesting ways. Your soulmate who made you laugh even in toughest times truly deserves something special on this special day. Wish them with flowers accompanied with beautiful cards, find special ways to make your partner feel more special. Make this day a memorable event. Don’t let this day go away because of your busy schedule or tight budget. Plan something romantic and sensational on this special occasion. Anniversary Day can be started with hilarious wedding anniversary quotes.

You can try out so many things to make this day special and memorable. You can start the day with hilarious wedding anniversary quotes that make your beloved forget everything and send her into gales of laughter. You can plan something extraordinary on this special occasion. You can also make other efforts to make this event memorable and full of laughter with hilarious wedding anniversary quotes. Fill this day with special moments of love and joy. Let love continuously rule your relationship rule each other with patience and devotion to the relationship.You can also show your love and appreciation with hand made cards and crafts showing importance of your loved one.

Funny Wedding Anniversary Quotes to Send your Wife into Gales of Laughter

  1. “Oh dear!! You know how much I enjoyed annoying you on all these days,
    And I am rejoiced again now to think that I am still having that opportunity ,
    So let us celebrate the Anniversary.”
  2. “I deserve a special gift for living with you all these years !
    With my advice you kicked all others and now living happily with me!
    We’ll look forward for another year.”
  3. “Congratulations!
    Cheer’s to another year of suffering and misery.”
  4. “Anniversaries remind me that I am can annoy you again.
    Thanks for last year giving me plenty of opportunity.
    For now, happy anniversary!”
  5. “I’ve been crazy, I’ve been a fool,
    I’ve done things that out of control,
    So I’m really wondering why you’re still with me.
    Probably because you’re just like me.
    Happy Anniversary!”
  6. “Give me a trophy
    I remember our anniversary!
    Can I have a reward?
    Can I go outside our ward?
    Happy Anniversary!”
  7. “Opposite poles attract, they say.
    I proved that in our wedding day.
    I was wedded to you, so as you to me,
    And then we started our war, errrr journey.”
  8. “Thank you for standing by me all these times…
    When you got us in trouble.
    Happy Anniversary!”
  9. “Love means commitment.
    Of course, so do most mental illnesses!
    Wishing you a Happy Anniversary!”
  10. “Thinking about it, I wouldn’t have married you if I want a peaceful life.
    My life would have been so unexciting and boring.
    Happy Anniversary!”

You can make this anniversary hilarious with special hilarious quotes that make this anniversary full of fun and laughter. Share funny anniversary quotes and make your wife wear a beautiful smile on this special day. A relationship needs some spice along with love.