10 Most Uncomplicated and Effortless Ideas for Birthday Celebrations

A birthday is a momentous occasion. This is the true experience of birth, the true beginning of life. Everyone one gets excited for his birthday.  People celebrate birthdays in different ways. Most of the people throw parties to celebrate birthdays. Birthday is a good way to gain blessing and wishes from friends and family. Gifts from loved ones also hold special importance in people’s life.  Here are some most uncomplicated and effortless Ideas for Birthday Celebrations.

Simple and Straightforward Ideas for Birthday Celebrations

A Special Birthday Breakfast, Lunch and dinner

Prepare a special breakfast for your loved one. Complete with candles and round of ‘Happy Birthday’. Do this again at lunch and dinner.

Fill the Room with Helium Balloons

When the child or the person whose birthday is to be celebrated is at school or outside decorate his room with streamers and other birthday decoration items likes balloons. Greet the person with personal-sized mug cake. Blow up a bunch of regular latex balloons early in the morning when the person is sleeping.

Write Happy birthday

Write happy birthday on the bathroom mirror or window with shaving cream. Put a surprise happy birthday note or card in his lunch bag , backpack or coat pocket telling them how much you love them. This is one of the good effortless ideas for birthday celebrations

Special Upcoming Activities

Announce special upcoming activities planned for the birthday. These should be according to the person’s choice. Activities should include vacation or something they wanted to do forever. Call it a special birthday gift.

Celebrate the Exact Minute of the Birthday

Celebrate the exact minute of the birthday just like midnight on the new year’s eve. Throw confetti and blow horns. Take photograph of the child every year.

Write a Letter to your Child Every year

Say how he grew and change and how special is he/she for you. If the child is not old enough to read the letters, save them. Read them together every year.

Let the Birthday Child Plan the Day

Let he or she choose dinner for his or her birthday party. Let them chose the days activities or dinner. Let them break a couple of rules like stay up past birthday time.

Letter Balloons on Sticks

Instead of using boring candles in your birthday cake use mini number or letter balloons on sticks.

Emoji Balloons

Make use of emoji balloons instead of simple balloons to make party look more interesting. Emoji balloons are funny and interesting.

Custom backdrop of photos

Make your own custom backdrop of photos. This will make party more interesting.