Easy and Trouble-Free Birthday Party Games for Kids

Every kid is super excited for his birthday. Kids wait all year to celebrate this special day. There is no stopping when it comes to plan a birthday party for your little one. Every mom tries to make her little one’s day a special day. Earlier, birthday parties used to be simple affairs with cake, ice cream and some fun with friends. But in this day and age a simple party doesn’t excite anyone. Now everyone wants something extra. Birthday Party Games for kids have become part of most of the parties.

Parents want their kids to enjoy to the fullest and make every birthday party a great bash. They want to make their every birthday the best birthday of their life. It is easy to make your kids birthday a special day. Cakes and presents are main attraction for your little in a party but you should include some games for entertainment. Games and activities add fun and excitement to any party.  Fun  games make your kid’s birthday a joyful event. Give kids an opportunity to participate in games which are not included in their daily activities.

Birthday Party games for kids add fun and excitement to the party. Anyone can incorporate games in their kid’s birthday party. Including games in the party will add entertainment as well as excitement to the party. Include some fun games and make arrangement of prizes for the winners. Including fun games in your kid’s birthday party is the most easiest and inexpensive part of any birthday party. Include various fun activities and make your kid’s special day more special.

Exciting Birthday Party Games for Kids to have Fun

Eat the Jelly

Make bowls of jelly with an animal inside. Make kids to get the animal without using the hands. Kid who gets the animal earlier than all others is the winner of the game.

Touch and Feel

Put different things in boxes. Close the boxes and leave a space for hand only. Ask the children to put a hand in the box and tell what is there in the box. Kids who make right guesses are winners of the games. You can put things like orange, hairbrush, shoe lace etc.

Musical Bumps

Play the music and ask the children to dance. Ask the children to sit quickly as the music stops. Stop the music suddenly and the last one to sit is out of the game.

Musical Statues

Play the music and ask children to turn into a statue as soon as music stops. If anyone still moves after the music stops he is out of the game.

Picture Treasure Hunt

Hide treasure in some easy and safe place and draw pictures of the clues. You can also tell the clues with puzzles. Child who finds the treasure for the first is the winner of the game.

Happy Birthday Animals

Divide children into groups and assign an animal name to each group. Then sing happy birthday song and say the name of a certain group. For example say Happy birthday cats and all the cats have to say ‘Miaow’.

Pass the Parcel

Wrap a prize in several layers of paper, one layer for each child plus one extra layer. Make the children sit in circle, give parcel to one and start the music. Children will pass the parcel to each other. Stop the music suddenly and the child who is holding the parcel opens the layer. Then play the music again. Last one is already with prize.

Balloon Burst

Write challenges on paper and insert them into balloons before inflating. Start the music and ask children to burst balloons. Stop the music suddenly and kid who is the last to touch the balloon but could not burst it has to complete the task written inside the balloon.

Sleeping Lions

Make everyone to lie down and pretend to be sleepy lions. Tell them not to move. Then walk around and try to disturb them by talking or other activities. Children who move get out of game.

Guess How Many

It is one of  interesting birthday party games for kids to have fun. Take a jar and fill it with colorful candies, toys or other things. Then ask each child to make guess how many toys could be there in the jar. Child who makes the closest guess wins the game.