Exhilarating 18th Birthday Celebration Ideas for Boys

Turning 16 may be sweet but turning 18 is super. When someone turns 18, he is formally considered an adult.we think about many Birthday Celebration Idea for boys.18th birthday marks the start of new journey. Specially for boys it is full challenges and responsibilities. There must be 18th birthday celebrated in a style. You can select any idea from Birthday Celebration Idea for Boys.

18th birthday is exciting and symbolic event. Both the end of childhood and entry into adulthood are symbolized in this one milestone, so there we should have different Birthday Celebration Idea for Boys for happy and memorable celebration As this birthday is last as he celebrates before college and life take precedence, It is important to make this celebration to one to remember.

After this birthday your life and life style would be going to change. Now after this you will be mature and more responsible. It is really a big change in your life. Before you start your new journey let have a great celebration. We are here for you with so many Birthday Celebration Ideas for Boys. As boys always want rocking parties. Now it is about their 18yh birthday so there should be something really different.

       Birthday Celebration Ideas for Boys

 Birthday Party Invitation:It is the 1st and most important idea from Birthday Celebration Ideas for Boys.When you are going to invite on your 18th birthday party it should be in different and in special way. Paper invitation is the best way, lend a sense of occasion and can serve as valuable keepsakes. Match your custom invites to theme or add a favorite snap shot of the boy. Invitation for 18th birthday party should be sent at least 2 weeks advance. Make a list of guests who will be invited in your party. Don’t forget to invite your friends because you must love to start your next journey with your friends. So your friends should be with you on this first day of your journey.

Birthday Party Invitation

18th Birthday Party Theme and Decoration ideas: It is your 18th birthday party. So there should be a special theme and decoration on this party. We have put together some of our favorite theme base ideas in  Birthday Celebration Ideas for Boys. You can choose which one you like more.

Paintball Party:It is perfect idea from Birthday Celebration Ideas for Boys for an active teen and small group of equally competitive guests. You can organize pizaa party and birthday cake. As the boys like these kinds of themes it will be so attractive theme for theme. You can decorate your home with different combination of paints. There can be decoration of drawings or paintings.

Paintball Party

Bonfire:Perfect for a beach or an outdoor party, gather your birthday boy and his friends around a bonfire for a perfectly fitting entry into adulthood.


Casino/ Poker themed:This theme idea from Birthday Celebration Ideas for Boys is grown up idea. If you have large and open space in your home  consider renting casino and poker supplies for a fun. Give the guests coins to bet with and offer a few fun prizes for guest to earn when they ‘cash out’.

Casino Poker Themed

Sports: Sports  theme based parties are the best choice for boys from Birthday Celebration Ideas for Boys. The party must be held at a sporting arena such as skate boarding enclosure.

Sports Theme

Have a cake:A birthday is incomplete without a cake. There are lot of bakeries make customized cakes. This cake could be themed around the birthday boy’s likings. Cake can also be organized according to the theme of the party. For example if it is sports based theme the cake could also be skateboard shaped cakes are exciting designs. The cake could also carry 3D figurines representing character from the movie or book.


Prepare Food and Drink:There should be special attention on food. Choose the food menu according to your custom. When you decide about menu keep in your mind about choices of kids, youngers, and other guests. There  should be favorite food of birthday boy. You can have snacks, pizza, nachos, bread sticks. You can also serve the soft drink, coffee, beer.

Food and Drink

Music: In today’s time music is main part of the party so it is consider as main and basic idea of Birthday Celebration Ideas for Boys. There will be rocking party if you have proper music. When the boys enter into 18th they love to listen loud music. The party should have loud and proper music so that all the guests can enjoy. Let you play sweet and soft music when there is cake ceremony, and you are playing games ands serving food. There can be special dance item of birthday or his friends for him.


Photo Shoot:  There must have be a photo shoot when you are going to change the mod of your life. It will be much better if you can invite a professional photographer. Otherwise take the snaps yourself with your phone or cameras. Through  photo shoot you would catch the special moment of your life and can keep it with you for whole the life.

Photo Shoot

Games: You can play different kinds of games to make the party more interesting. It is also an entertaining idea from Birthday Celebration Ideas for Boys. Now you are going to enter in new life so you are going to mature. So you are not kid. You can play any kind of game. Select the games which can play every one. There should be different games for kids, younger and older. There should some special kind of game for birthday boy and his friends. Play the soft music when they are playing. You can also serve the food to guests when some are playing games. In this way you can utilize your time. They can play truth and dear, musical chair, passing pillow etc.