Girls and Boys Birthday Party Themes Suggestions and Ideas

Both boys and girls are eager for their birthdays and birthday parties. Normally cake and gifts are main attraction for kids, but the decoration also plays an important role. Various activities and games organized during their birthday party also adds excitement to the party. It is special occasion for them. Every child has different hobbies and interests. Every child is different. So we should throw parties according to their choices so that they can enjoy to the fullest. Different boys and girls birthday party themes should be considered to make party a special event for your child.

It is a common trend to throw parties on birthdays. Birthday party is a way to socialize with friends and family and to gain blessings and wishes from elders and friends. Birthday celebrations also create memories in the life of the kids. Kids have different interests and parents know it very well. So one should select an appropriate party theme to add maximum fun and enjoyment.

A birthday is a special occasion for every child which comes only once in a year. Try to make it memorable and make sure your child enjoys it to the fullest. Consider appropriate boys and girls party themes to make your child enjoy.Decorate your house according to the theme you have selected and make arrangements properly.   If you want to throw an amazing party then setting up a proper theme is a must. Decorate the house and organize activities and games that match the theme of the party.

Unforgettable Girls and Boys Birthday Party Themes to Have Fun

Disney Inspired Birthday Party

If your child is interested in Disney characters then this is one of amazing birthday party themes to celebrate your little one’s birthday. Create your own Disney world invitations. Set tables with variety of Disney plates. Decorate the house with Disney posters, figurines, Disney toys or dolls . Organize the Disney games. Play Disney movie at the background.

Superhero Party

If your child is interested in superheroes then throw a superhero inspired birthday party. Decorate the house with superhero posters, play any movie related to superheroes on the background. Use superhero wall hanging in the party. Make use of lollipop superheroes, superhero shield biscuit and cookies and order a delicious superhero cake.

Geometric Monster Party

It is an interesting theme for birthday parties. Use geometric patterns looking like to decorate the house. Use monster stickers and posters to decorate the party venue. Serve hexagonal shaped monster cookies. Use a monster ice cream cart. Party food with monster eyes adds more fun.

Woodland Animal Birthday Party

If your child is interested in jungles and animals then this is a fun theme for a party. Use woodland inspired posters, cup cakes to give a woodland look. Use woodland inspired cake and decorate the home with leaves and flowers. Make use of green things to decorate and party and serve green food and cake.

Harry Potter Birthday Party

Every child likes Harry Potter, so this is an appropriate theme to select. Use posters of harry potter to decorate the house. Use magical things to decorate the house and serve harry potter cookies. Give a look of Howard’s to the birthday party.

Rock star Birthday Party

Every child is going to love this theme. To turn your party into a rock star party. Decorate the house with posters of rock stars. Serve rocker cookies and star themed birthday cake.Use marshmallow pop microphones. Place musical instruments everywhere to give a look of rock star party.

Bunny Birthday Party

If your child loves bunny then organize a Bunny Birthday Party to have fun. Decorate the house with bunny printable and stationery. Use carrot cake pops. Serve carrot and bunny shaped sandwiches. Use garden inspired table clothes. Serve cupcakes with floral lining and veggie toppings.

Rainbow Birthday Party

If your child loves colors then it is a good theme to choose. Decorate the house with colorful decorations. Use rainbow plates. Serve colorful cookies. Order a rainbow cake. Serve rainbow marshmallows.

Modern Art Watercolor Birthday Party

One of interesting birthday party themes. If your child is artistic then this is a great theme. Decorate the house with hand painted drawings and pictures. Decorate the whole house with colors and sticks. Use bright and beautiful floral to decorate the house. Server canvas sugar cookies.