Incredible Happy Birthday Crafts that Kids can Try at Home

Wow  Happy Birthday party decoration with Happy Birthday Crafts makes by kids. It must be amazing. Do you know kids are more creative as comparison to adults? They can create anything. When they moderate something and create  a new craft it must be always so different and fabulous.  We can use these Happy Birthday Crafts for decoration also and for gifts also.

As to increase their creativity we can say them to make Happy Birthday Crafts. In this way we will boost them and encourage their talent. In this way they will love to their talent and their try to give their best. We must make their praise and push up theme for talent.

Happy Birthday Crafts

Memory Box: We can also help the kids so that they can learn ,more. As you can suggest them to make a memory box that we can gift anyone. Create a wonderful box to help you remember the year, vacation, or an important events in your life. It is usable craft from Happy Birthday Crafts. As you can place the things in it that remind you of that time, event or person. You can suggest the kids to decorate the box  or to paint. For this you need a box and the things to put as ribbon, prize, hand written poems. Give the ,marker and paint and glitter to kids to decorate it.

Paper Flowers: This creativity from Happy Birthday Crafts can be used to decorate your home. As your kids grow up their talent also grows so let you help them to grow it. Tell them about little more difficult things to create. Even Paper Flowers are not tough to create. You need Paper, Scissor, glue, wooden sticks. Cut the paper in 4 paper squares of same size. Fold the paper will have same fold width. While keeping the square will have the same fold width, gather the sheets together, make ½ to ¾ inch wide fold on one side. Trim the excess paper after the last fold. Fold each paper in half. Apply glue on the inside of the folded paper. Apply glue onto the piles topmost fold and along the base of flower sections. Gently press the sections towards the center to glue their bases together.

Birthday Hat:  This idea from Happy Birthday Crafts give the special look to kids as they feel that we are really in birthday party. When they love to wear Birthday Hat then why they don’t create it. Some kids make the birthday hat which are much better that we buy from the market. You need printable card stock, glue, hole punch, Elastic string,  markers,  stickers, curly ribbons, crepe paper.cut out the template in a shape. Flip the template over again. Decorate the templates. Before gluing the edges of the hat together, you will find it helpful especially if you are using heavy cardstocks, to roll the template into a cone shape.  Unroll the hat, apply the glue on the tab area. Punch a pair of opposite holes near the base of hat. Adjust the length of the chin strap for a comfortable fit, it necessary.

Rock Crafts: It is very easy craft from Happy Birthday Crafts. Any child can make it easily. For it you need some stones in different shape , paint, glue, and clay. Children can transfer the stones they stumble across into animals, people, or toys. They can paint it with different colors and can also write something on it.

Newspaper Forts:  You can use newspaper in different way. This craft from Happy Birthday Crafts has two uses your child will learn creativity also and it will be useful for you also. You can suggest to your child  to roll up the stand of fan or cooler. By rolling up the paper, your kid can create the frame for a cool fort. You can use it in rainy days.

Balloon Ping Pong: This craft idea from Happy Birthday Crafts is favourite idea of kids, because they love to play with balloons. You need some paper plates, sticks and glue to paste. Attach the sticks with papers  to create a bat. You can create racquets  to bat a balloon back and forth with.

Stained Glass Art:  Using cellophane shapes and soapy water, your kids can temporarily paste colors to the window, creating stained glass designs.

Masking tape Speedway: This craft idea from Happy Birthday Crafts is indoor game idea.  Boys like this idea most because they like to play with cars. Using this idea  they create their own racetrack over and under the furniture, down stairs using masking tape. He can make a speedway that spans the whole house if he feels like it.