Remarkable DIY Birthday Gift Ideas that anyone can try

Birthday is special day for everyone. But when there is our close one’s birthday it become more important day for us. We always think to give very unique gift that make him more happy and let it be very special for him. We always think to give a gift that should  be very different from others  gifts and should be very special. As we know in today’s time most of the people purchase ready made gifts from market as they buy anything from market wrap it in covers and give as the gift. These DIY Birthday Gift Ideas are really helpful to celebrate birthday occasion in different way.

If we want to give a very special and unique gift, what will be better than  if we give  something by making by our hands. We can also show our creativity, love and affections for our close one. As we know in today’s time we are so busy it is not easy to think and to create different ideas.

Check out following DIY Birthday Gift Ideas

DIY Book

You may make easy DIY Book / mini album. This is what a great way to remember someone. You may buy some hard and good book covers and some neat and clean and of good quality pages market. Pages can also be colorful it is up to you. You have to collect some special photographs of your close one and then paste these photos on these pages. You may also write something on these pages. Then tie these pages in cover and bind with a ribbon.

DIY Greeting Card

You can also make a special greeting card for your friend on his birthday. Take a colorful chart from the market then draw something on it or you may also write something special on it with your hand. You may also paste some kinds of different pictures as of sweet memories of yours with your friend or anyother pictures as of flowers or kids to make it more creative. So that it look different and beautiful.

DIY “Good Night “ Wall Night

Such a lovely idea for a night light in a children’s room or for a special touch coming for your friend’s room. This tutorial uses a simple canvas frame, light fitting and black paint. All things which can be bought very cheaply. It will shine and provide light in your friend’s room every night.

DIY Friendship Bracelets

If you are going to gift to your best friend. You can make  two Bracelets one for your best friend and one for you. In this way you will always feel so attached with each other.

Poem Script Scarf

Such a wonderful DIY Birthday Gift Idea. Take a scarf from the market and write the best lines of poetry for your friend.

Whale Softie from  a Old Pair of  Jeans

It is different and cute DIY Birthday Gift Idea. As you can use “right” and “wrong” pairs of jeans to make it. Your friend must like it.

DIY Photo Frame

You can make a special and sweet photo frame for your friend. As you can put your old and gold moments pictures in it and can also write something around the pictures. It will be really a sweet DIY birthday Gift Idea.

Mason Jar Lights

Mason Jar Lights

This DIY birthday Gift Idea is gorgeous and easy to make. You need a jar, bulb, wire, and long rope to hang it. You can change it in very beautiful lamp with you creativity.

Handmade Lunch Bags

If you know  stitching it will be easy and more use full DIY Birthday Gift Idea. As you choose fabric and colorful clothe. Stitch it in different design and give a finishing with colorful button.

Lightbulb oil lamp

You change a bulb into oil lamp with you creativity. It will be also a usable lamp.

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