Extraordinary Canada Day Craft Ideas and Activities for Kids

Canada Day is a very special day for the people of Canada. It is the national day of the country federal statutory holiday. The day is very important and hence, its celebrations also need to be special. You may go for some Canada Day Craft Ideas in order to make the occasion extra special. Canada Day Celebrations are done by all the citizens of Canada whether they are in Canada or out of Canada.

It is the time to get a little creative and have fun. Try out new and unique Canada Day Craft Ideas with your friends, family and other loved ones too. This is the ‘Canada Birthday’ and like every year, this year too, it will be celebrated on 1st of July with great pomp and show nationwide. Trying new and unique Canada Day Craft Ideas is really going to be very interesting and mainly for the kids.

Easy yet Unique Canada Day Craft Ideas to try out

  1. Canada Day Shirts

    It is always great to show your country that you love it by showing some gestures for it. You can try out making Canada Day Shirts using a white t-shirt, a piece of cardboard, a plate and red paint.
  2. Canada Paper Quilt
    Extraordinary Canada Day Craft Ideas and Activities for Kids
    This is going to be an amazing craft to make with kids and other family members too. To make this wonderful craft, you will only need paper, printer, something to color with, scissors, glue and along with it; you can also use red construction paper.
  3. Canadian Beaver Puppet
    Extraordinary Canada Day Craft Ideas and Activities for Kids
    This is easy to make and fun to play with. Get all your creativity in one place to make this craft using Paper bags, white, red, black and brown Colored construction paper, Scissors, Glue, Markers, String or yarn, Maple Leaf print out and Googly eyes too.
  4. Canada Day Wreath

    Any celebrations without wreaths look complete. It would really be nice to decorate your house using a homemade wreath. Make it using Wire coat hanger, 14 to 16 toilet paper rolls, red paint, paper and printer, something to color with, tape, glue, and scissors.
  5. Cup And Ball Mountie

    You can very easily prepare this interesting craft using Polystyrene ball, Paper cup, Pink paint, Red paint, Black paint, Brown paper, Wiggle eyes, Red, black, brown and pink craft foam, Pink pen, Gold pen (or sequins), Glue and Sticky tape.
  6. Raspberry Cheesecake Popsicles

    You can even be creative with food on the occasion of Canada Day. These delicious popsicles can be prepared using fresh raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries, water, low-fat cream cheese, fat-free milk, vanilla extract and powdered sugar.
  7. Tin Can Windsock

    You can easily prepare this decorative item using a glue gun, a paint-brush, a soup can, plastic jewels, red paper, ribbon, scissors, twine, and white paint. Prepare it and then decorate in your house anywhere.
  8. Canada Day Bird Garland

    Maple-leaf birds are very simple to prepare and your kids will love making these. To make these, all you need is stiff red and white paper cut in squares, tracing paper cut in squares, Glue stick and Black, blue, green and red fine-tip markers.
  9. Canada Day Pin Wheel
    Extraordinary Canada Day Craft Ideas and Activities for Kids
    Making different types of crafts is something that will never bore you. You will love each and every craft that you will make. Make this amazing craft with Paper, Glue, Desired materials for decorations, Scissors, Straight pin (or push pin) and Pencil with an eraser on top (or a length of dowel).
  10. Canadian Cheese Platter

    You can try your creative hands to prepare different food items. Making this platter using soft or semi-soft cheese, firm or hard cheese, blue cheese, and goat cheese. This is healthy and all will love to eat it.