10 Best and Interesting Holi Crafts and Activities for Kids

Holi is one of the most famous festivals of India. Holi is celebrated by using colors and people throw coloured powders and water solutions on each other. The festival marks the victory of good over bad. This festival holds a great significance for kids as the day is for full enjoyment. Kids love colors, kids love water water, kids love to get messy and kids love festival of Holi. Holi crafts and activities make festival more enjoyable.

Fascinating Holi Crafts and  Activities for Kids

Water Gun

You need a plastic water bottle, a plastic cutter, a thin pipe, a marker pen and glue. Cut the cap of the bottle according to the size of thin cylindrical pipe using a marker pen. Fill the bottle with colorful water and push the pipe inside the bottle through the hole of the cap. Hold the bottle at 45 degree angle and squeeze to see how the water spurts out.

Eco-friendly Colors

Some of the colors used at Holi may not be skin friendly and unsuitable for human use. These may contain toxic heavy metals. Eco-friendly colours can used to enjoy this festival safely. Green color could be prepared using leaves of green vegetables. Turmeric powder or turmeric paste could be created to smear on face.

Colorful Rainbow

Rainbow is full of colours and it is a good idea to create a rainbow in this festival of colours. Create the shape of rainbow in a piece of craft paper. Draw seven layers of rainbow and fill it with different colours. Sticker of animals and other things can also be pasted with glues on the rainbows. Cut the rainbow and paste anywhere you like.

 Explore Colour and Pattern

Use colour and pattern to enjoy the day with craft. Draw patterns on craft paper fill it with different colours. Use different things and glues to make the work more attractive and enjoy the day. You can just throw different colours on a craft paper and a unique pattern can be found.

Hand prints cut-out art

One of the way to get crafty on Holy is to do fun with with cut outs of tiny hand prints.

Method: Mix different colours in different plates. Dip hands in different colors and print them on white craft paper. Wash hands every time after dipping in different colour solutions. After having 10-15 hand prints cut them and arrange them in different shapes and designs.

Holi Cards

Holi art idea can be used to make a greeting card or a wall hung art. Cut the craft paper in a size of a greeting card. Use another craft paper and design animals, flowers or anything you like. Use colours, color sparkles to fill the design. Cut these and paste them in your card in a unique design. Leave a holi message in the card.

Colorful Sticker Monsters

Take some sheets of multi-coloured circle and square stickers. Paste them on a sheet of a craft paper giving them a monster shape. Use some colours to make the shape unique.

Colorful Window Art

For this you only need transparent plastic sheets of different colors, contact paper, tape and scissors. Cut the plastic sheets in different shapes, circles, squares, stars etc. And arrange them in different designs and patterns in contact paper. Place them on one another to create a beautiful design.

Make Spinning tops

We all have CDs lying around. These could be used to make spinning tops using color theory. To create this we need CDs, paper, pen, markers in red, blue and yellow, tacky glue, plastic bottle caps, ping pongs balls and hot glue. Use a CD and draw a circle around it. Cut sheets of paper of round shape and fill it with different colors. Paste them on CDs. Use hot glue to paste bottle caps in the front side and ping pong balls in the back side in the middle.

Paper Flower Bouquet

To prepare paper flower Bouquet we need 3 paper sheets of different colors, a pair of scissors, small wooden sticks, rubber, a strip of satin ribbon and perfume. Draw images of any flower on red sheet. Cut the flower images. Draw shapes of leaves and cut them. Wrap the wooden sticks with brown sheet keeping one end open. Fold the other end with paper. Insert an inch of each leaf into the stick. Push the red flowers into the sticks one by one on top of the leaves. After finishing wrap it with a transparent sheet and tie a satin ribbon abound the sticks. A flower bouquet is now complete. Spray little perfume to it.