10 Things to do on the Festival of Colors- Holi

Holi is the festival of colours. It is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of march. The festival celebrates victory of good over bad. The event is full of colours and fun. People celebrate the festival by spraying water colours on each other and smear Gulaal on each other’s faces.  People forget old rivalries and hug each other. One should include those things to do on the Festival of Colors which are safe and don’t pollute environment.

Important Things to do on the Festival on Colors to Celebrate Holi Safely

Use Eco-friendly colors

One should avoid colors that are harmful to the skin or hair. Use colors that are not harmful and easily washable. One can even make colours at home. Gram flour, turmeric, fuller earth, sandal wood powder can be used instead of chemical based colors. Flowers like marigold and rose can be used to create fine colors.

Color forehead only

Avoid throwing colors and colorful water. Opt for a Tilak holi, where you can celebrate by applying ‘Tilak’ on people’s forehead.

Make Use of flowers

You can celebrate Holi with flowers too. Decorations can be done by using flower petal. Appropriate arrangements have to be made for used flowers and they should not be dumped in water.

Celebrate a Waterless Holi

Avoid using water and colorful water during the festival as such color is difficult to remove. Dry Holi should be celebrated using colors and no water.

Apply Coconut oil on Hair

Apply coconut oil on hair as it protects hair as it acts as protectant and prevents colours from penetrating hair. One can also wear a cap to protect hair from colors.

Apply Creams and Moisturizers on skin

Moisturize your skin with creams and oil. They will not allow the colors to penetrate deep. Protect your skin with sunscreen and lips with petroleum jelly.

Special Methods to Remove Colour

Use a paste of gram flour, milk cream and lemon juice to fade the colours. Wheat flour can also be used to remove colors. To remove color from hair use jojoba or coconut oil.

Use Nail Polish

Coat your nails with nail polish or nail paint to prevent staining of nails. Color doesn’t leave nails easily. So it is a better idea to use nail paint and nail polish.

Plan a community Celebration for Holi

Plan a community celebration for Holi. Decide area where people would gather and Holi would be played. This will prevent the entire houses from getting dirty.

Avoid Plastic Bags

Avoid using plastic bags and balloons filled with water over others. These bags hurt others and cause litter environment. These waste precious water as well.