Frolicsome Holi Party Ideas to have Fun with your Loved Ones

Holi is also known as festival of colors. Holi is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of phalgun which is the month of March. Holi is one among major festivals in India. Holi is becoming quite popular in other parts of world and non-Hindu communities as well. Holi is celebrated with enthusiasm and zest in whole India. This festival is most popular among kids and teens. People forget old rivalries and hug each other on this great day. Different Holi Party Ideas add zeal to the festival.

People celebrate holi in various ways. On this colorful festival people play with colors. Some people smear colors on each other with water guns. This is one of most joyous festivals in India. This festival has an ancient history as well. This festival celebrates the victory of good over bad. The night before the Holi the bonfires are lit and the ceremony is called Holika Dahan. People gather around the fires to sing and dance. The next morning ‘Dhulendi’ is celebrated.

Holi is a global event for everyone to enjoy. There are many funny and vibrant ways to enjoy this festival and celebrate Holi. Many people organize parties to have fun with loved ones. Planning a party is a good idea to make Holi a memorable event and having fun with loved ones. If you are planning to throw a party on the festival of colors then here are some Amazing Holi party ideas to have fun with your loved ones.

Vibrant Holi Party Ideas to Enjoy Holi

A Colorful Theme

Since Holi is festival of colors so colorful theme is a good choice to make party lively. Decorate party venue with colorful colors and ask people to come in colorful clothes to celebrate Holi party. Give people a call or send colorful cards mentioning the theme of the party.

Decoration of the HouseFrolicsome Holi Party Ideas to have Fun with your Loved Ones

Decorate the party venue with colorful flowers, Rangoli, colorful wall hangings and balloons. Take some colorful candies and place them in colorful bowls to give party a colorful look. Use colorful furniture like chairs tables to decorate the home. Place colorful flower vases on tables and anywhere you like to.

Special Delicious Foods and Drinks for the Festival of Holi

Prepare traditional food for Holi Party. Prepare party meals yourself or order food from a restaurant. Some of the traditional foods prepared on festival of colors are Gujjiyas, malpuas, thandai, kachoris etc. Festival is incomplete without delicious food. Circulate glasses of Thandai, mocktails and soft drinks through the party.

Colorful Cake

No party is complete without a cake. Order some special colorful cake for the festival of colors. Use colorful cake stands for the cake. You can also decorate the cake with candies.

Organize Games and Activities to have Fun

Several Games can be organized to add fun to the Holi Party. Fun Activities and games increase enthusiasm for the party. These kind of parties become enjoyable for kids. Various games like Pop the Balloons, find the coins, knitting balloons can be organized. Various quiz competitions regarding Holi can also be organized.

Organize Rangoli Competition

Competition increases fun and add excitement to the party. Rangoli competition is most common competition organized at the occasion of Holi. Rangolis can be prepared with flower petals or different colors.

Let the Music Play

Music is the soul of any party. Prepare a mix of your favourite Holi songs and Play the music to make party more interesting. You can also alternate Holi songs with other rocking music.

A Colorful Return Gift

Since Holi is festival of colors so a colorful return gift can be given to the people visiting the party. It could be colorful box containing colorful sweets or colorful flower bouquet.