Proficient Happy Holi Decoration Tips for Indoor Holi Party

Holi is a colorful festival celebrated in the month of March. Holi is a festival  to play with colors and having fun with your loved ones. This festival commemorates the victory of good over evil. This festival makes fills our lives with colors. To throw a Holi party is a good idea to celebrate festival of colors. If you are thinking to throw a Holi party then here are Holi decoration tips for indoor Holi Party. These party decorations are going to amaze the guest and you will certainly enjoy this colorful time. Your friends are surely going to remember this Holi party thrown by you.

Astonishing Holi Decoration Tips for Indoor Holi Party

Themes for Indoor Holi Party

This is one of the most important Holi decoration tips for Indoor Holi Party. To select a good theme is necessary to add more fun and enjoyment to the party. Flower theme is the best option for indoor holi party. You can also choose balloon theme or any colorful theme to celebrate the party with your loved ones. Use other decors according to the theme of the party.

Decorate Home with Flowers

To make party look more beautiful and attractive, decorate the party venue with different colors of flowers. This gives party a colorful and pleasant look. To decorate home with flowers, use garlands of marigold, rose or any flower you like. Decorate the house with flowers by placing flowers in various places such as balconies, railings, exterior walls etc. Colorful flower bouquet can also be used to decorate the room.

Colorful or Confetti filled Balloons

The party venue can be decorated with the help of colorful balloons. The party looks colorful and attractive with colorful balloons. Transparent Balloons filled with colored confetti can also be used before blowing. You can also place balloon bouquets on dining table or hang balloon garlands on walls.

Colorful Posters

Colorful posters can also be used to decorate the colorful festival. These colorful posters keep the festive spirit alive. Colorful hand painted posters can easily be created at home with the help of paper and paint. Painted posters can also be created with the help of water guns.

Colorful Curtains

Wall of the party venue can be covered with colorful curtains. These colorful curtains make party look beautiful. These also prevent staining the walls of the house if you are planning to play with colors inside home.


Create a Rangoli with colorful flowers or different colors. Rangoli can be created at the entrance or any place where there is free space. Use different colors and a pattern to create a vibrant design.

Colorful Furniture

The interiors like furniture also deserve to be colorful. Colorful chairs can be placed in the venue instead of old chairs for a day. Colorful table covers and sofa cushions make party look attractive and colorful.

Colorful Lights

To decorate the interior of the house colorful lights can be used. These colorful lights can be hung all around the house to make your home illuminated with colorful lights. The colorful lights will give true radiance to the home and make party look like true Holi Party.

Wall Hangings

Decorate the interior of the house with colorful and vibrant wall hangings. These wall hangings could be traditional as well as modern. These can be created at home or bought from market. Select hangings make from crafted paper, hand painted tapestry or fabric framework for decorating walls.

Colorful Sweets

Decorate your house with colorful stands and sweets. Colorful sweets can be placed on tables and other areas to decorate the home. This will add excitement and fun to the party as kids love sweets.