Special Happy Holi Messages for Friends and Relatives who are far off

Holi is the spring festival that is celebrated by the people in India in the spring season with colored powder and water. People sprinkle colored powders and waters on each other to celebrate and enjoy the festival. The festival is a good one to so all the naughty mischiefs and get out of those without being scolded by just saying, “Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai!” You can celebrate the festival with your far off friends and relatives by sharing the Happy Holi Messages for Friends with all of them.

The Indian festival of colors is not only celebrated in India. In fact, it is also celebrated in many parts of North America and Europe by sprinkling colors in the form of water and powder on each other. Sending Happy Holi Messages for Friends and other loved ones is a very common trend that people of the new generation follow. Messages are best way of expressing your feelings to the ones whom you cannot meet on a particular occasion.

Different parts on India celebrate the festival of Holi in different manner depending on the related traditions and rituals. Happy Holi Messages for Friends will give you a sense that your friends are not away from you and that they are being missed. Make your friends feel special on the occasion of the festival of colors and let them know that they are important to you. Make them feel special and let them smile on the festival after reading your messages.

A simple message is enough to stay in touch with the loved ones. They appreciate your gestures of sending texts on special occasions like Holi, Diwali and New Year. Sharing these Happy Holi Messages for Friends and relatives with all the loved ones who are not with you celebrate the festival is going to be an amazing thing that you can do on the festival of love, warmth and affection.

Delightful Happy Holi Messages for Friends that you can share

  1. “Saade rang ko galti se aap naa kora samjho, Isi mey samaaye indradhanushi saaton rang, Jo dikhe aapko zindagi saadagi bhari kisi ki, To aap yun samjho satrangi hai duniya usiki,  Holi aayi satrangi rango ki bouchar laayi, Dher saari mithai aur mitha mitha pyar laayi, Aap ki zindagi ho mithe pyar aur khusiyon se bhari, Jisme samaaye saaton rang yahi shubhkamna hai hamaari.”

  2. “Rango ke tyohar mein sabhi rango ki ho bharmar, Dher saari khushiyon se bhara ho aapka sansar, Yahi dua hai bhagwan se hamari har bar, Holi Mubarak ho mere yaar!”

  3. “On this day, let D color shower love which dewells in our hrts let sing together D ballad of love happy holi wid love.”

  4. “Bhar pichkari bauchar jo mari.. bhegi chunri, bhegi saree.. apne hi rang mai rangwana hai.. holi aj mnana hai… happy holi bhabhi, bhaiya, shali..”

  5. “Khushiyan ho overflow,masti kabhi na ho low.Dosti ka surur chhaya rahe,jeb me bhari maya rahe.Shohrat ki ho bauchhar,aise aaye aapke liye HOLI ki bahar.”

  6. “Just like a red rose that fills the world with beauty & fragrance�� You have made my life so beautiful by being in it. On Holi, the festival of colors & joy I wanna say thank you for all the love & smiles you’ve brought to my life. Happy Holi.”

  7. “A true and caring relation doesn’t have to speak loud, a soft sms is just enough to express the heartiest feelings. Enjoy the Indian festival of Holi with lot of fun.”

  8. “Gujhia ki mahak aane se pehle, Rango mein rangne se pehle, Holi ke nashe mein hone se pehle, Kisi aur ke kehne se pehle, Hum aapse kehte hain, “Happy Holi” sabse pehle.”

  9. “Tum bhi Jhoome masti mein, Hum bhi jhoome masti mein, Shor hua saari basti mein, Jhoome sab holi ki masti mein, Mast mast ye masti rahe sada aapki kashti mein, Beet gayi HOLI fir bhi.. Mubarak ho HOLI bheegi masti mein!”

  10. “Pyar hai to College Mast Sugar hai to Coffee Mast Love hai to Life Mast Dream hai to Night Mast Aur Water hai to Holi Mast. Happy Holi”