Yummy Holi Sweets and Desserts that No One can resist from having

I love the Indian festival of colors. I too love the sweets, desserts and snacks associated with ‘Holi’ festival. The festival is a very special festival. People are seen sharing love, warmth and affection with each other in the form of sweets and colors. There are many Holi Sweets and Desserts that people prepare on the festival as a part of its celebrations. If you are also looking for some nice ideas for the Holi Sweets and Desserts then you are here with us and we assure you that you are going to love the ideas.

Full of Flavor Holi Sweets and Desserts for the Occasion

  1. Gujiya

    Gujiya is the most common and delicious snack that is associated with the festival of Holi. The outer layer of Gujiya is made up with mainly Plain Flour, Ghee or Oil and Oil for deep frying it. For filling, you will need Sooji, Mawa, Powdered Sugar, Cardamom Powder, Grated Dry Coconut, Raisins, Chopped Cashewnuts and Poppy Seeds.
  2. Lauki Halwa

    It is a very delicious sweet dish that can be prepared on the occasion of Holi. The preparation of the dessert needs grated bottle gourd, milk, sugar, ghee, cardamoms and chopped almonds and cashews to enhance the taste.
  3. Rava (Sooji) Ladoo

    Indeed a mouth watering sweet that can give a very amazing taste. To prepare this, you will need, Sooji, Sugar, Ghee, Desiccated Coconut, Chopped Cashew-nuts, Raisins, Warm Water or Milk and Cardamom Powder.
  4. Dry Fruits Burfi

    The name is enough to get the taste of this mesmerizing sweet dish. You can prepare this using Anjeer, Khajoor, Almonds, Cashew nuts, Walnut, Pistachio, Raisins, Gulkand, Cardamom Powder, Nutmeg Powder, Ghee and Sliver Varq.
  5. Thandai

    Holi is incomplete until and unless you have ‘Thandai’ on the occasion. It is very easy to prepare this. You only need green cardamoms – seeds, fennel seeds, black peppercorns, coriander seeds, melon/sunflower seeds, skinned almonds, sugar, rose petals, rose water and milk to make it and serve.