Extraordinary DIY Happy Mothers Day Tea Party Ideas

Mothers day is a day to celebrate mother-child relationship. It is a day to express gratitude to mothers and motherhood. Mothers Day is celebrated on 2nd Sunday in the month of May. There are different ways to celebrate Mothers Day. Mothers are important in every kids life. Mothers Day celebrations first started in Greece and UK but now it has become popular in all parts of the world. Different Mothers Day Tea Party ideas can add fun to the party and make this important day more joyful.

Most of the people throw parties to celebrate Mothers Day. If you are looking to celebrate mothers day in a fancy and fun way then nothing could be more appropriate than throwing Tea Parties are throwback of the good times. It is a great idea to organize a tea party and let your mother spend some time with old friends and refresh old sweet sour times. Add modern twists in the formal tea party.

You can organize a modern tea party to celebrate Mothers Day. Every woman likes to rejoice with old friends and recalling old memories. Organize a extraordinary tea party to make this day special for your Mum. An indoor as well as outdoor party can be organized on Mothers Day. Add zeal to the party and excitement to the party with unique ways and ideas. Make this day memorable for your mother. Here are some Mothers Day Tea Party Ideas to make Mothers Day Magical through an extraordinary tea party.

Wonderful Mothers Day Tea Party Ideas to have Fun

Decide a Theme for the Party

An appropriate theme adds fun to the party. It increases the zeal and excitement for the party. Set a theme according to the choice of your mother. Decide  a dress code to have fun.

Send out Invitations

The guest list is usually small for tea parties. You can invite send formal invitation cards or making calls. You can also include a herbal tea bag with pretty wrapping. Mention clearly whether men would be included in the party or not.

Set the Tables

A variety of tea cups and saucers can be used at the tea party. Use vintage or porcelain tea cups to serve tea. Full meals are not usually not served during a tea party. So one plate is enough for each guest. Place a spoon on the right of each plate. If you are serving sticky cakes or messy food provide a small fork. Use flowers and flower pots to decorate table and give party a feminine look.

Decoration of Tables for Tea Party

If the guest list is small, one large round table would be enough to seat every guest. Cover the table with an attractive tablecloth. Table should be able to seat every guest in the party. Food and drink choices should be placed at center of the table. If you have a large guest list then place food at separate table. Place food at one end and tea at other end. Make use of decorative trays to make table look more attractive.

Menu for Tea Party

Tea parties are not only about drinking tea. Its all about talking about old memories while sipping tea and having tasty treat so delicious foods are also part of tea party. Prepare a food menu according to the choice of your mother. Consider cakes, pies, cookies, snacks or light sandwiches. You can plan any food accordingly.

Serve Tasty Tea

Once upon a time only black tea was served at Parties. But now a variety of tea can be served on birthday party. Different types of teas can be served on tea parties. Offer your guests black tea, green tea, herbal tea and other varieties of teas. Make choice for sweeteners like sugar, artificial sugar, honey etc. Serve tea along with tasty food.

Special Activities

Special activities can be organized to make the mother days special. Activities like award ceremony can be organized. Ask kids what kind of award they want to give to their mother print out certificate and give it to the mums. Or ask kids to tell about their mums favorite and match them with their real answers at tea party. Take your mother’s photograph with each guest.